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Collection of seventeenth century heart pendants

Collection of seven agate, serpentine and coral heart shaped amulets with silver mounts. The coral heart is eighteeth century and is with the original gold […]



Seventeenth century red jasper “amulet”

Ca 1680 English silver mounted red jasper heart shaped amulet pendant. Measurements : 38 x 23 mm



Silver mounted parrot’ beak amulet

Ca 1780 silver mounted parott’s beak amulet pendant. As an amulet it had a protective purpose, but I am not familiar with details of how […]



Rare staurolite amulet

Amulet in the form of a naturally formed crystal cross, called staurolite. Staurolite crystals naturally form 90 degree crosses but are extreemly rare in this […]

1680 silver gilt Figa amulet


1680 silver gilt Figa amulet

Italian , ca 1650-1680 gilt silver amulet/charm to deflect and protect the wearer from the “evil eye”.The mano fico, also called figa, is an Italian […]



Three hunting amulets

Three hunting amulets. I understand these are upper jaws of hunting ferrets, encased in silver. South Tyrol, ca 1840 Largest; 30 mm smallest 25 mm



Silver and rock crystal reliquary

ca 1680 rock crystal heart shaped reliquary, in gilt silver mounts. The heart shaped rock crystal recepticle is holding the original relique.In medieval times reliques […]



Ancient Roman amethyst amulet

Ancient Roman amethyst amulet in the form of a fish. The body of the fish is drilled through to facilitate wearing. These amulets appear in […]

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