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Ptolemaic amethyst intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Ptolemaic amethyst intaglio in later high catat gold ring. Thee intaglio is first century B.C.



Ancient Roman blue glass and gold necklace

Tweet Pin It Ca 200 A.D ancient Roman “lentoid” shaped glass beads on later / probably 1860 / gold. The gold is probably Grand Tour […]



Ancient intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient intaglio of Nike in later high carat gold mount. Measurements of bezel : 20 x 15 mm Ring size : “O”



Late Roman gold ring

Tweet Pin It Late Roman gold ring ca 300-400 A.D. set with pebble cut chrome crysolite. Ring size : “H” = US “4”



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio portrait of Marcus Aurelius, second century A.D. in a late Victorian ca 1880 high carat gold setting. Ring […]



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a standing figure with a horse in nineteeth century gold setting. The ring is marked 18 ct […]



Ancient bead necklace

Tweet Pin It Necklace with ancient agate beads mounted in gold necklace. The hight carat gold work is ca 1880.Late “Grand Tour”. Length of necklace […]



Renaissance intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Carved blue chalcedony intaglio of a male portrait in ancient toga and stance.The ring is ca 1740. Measurements of bezel : 13 […]



Ancient Roman intaglio in Russian gold mount

Tweet Pin It Carnelian ancient intaglio ca 1st. cent B.C. in ca 1880 marked Russian gold ring. Ring size : “Q”



Roman intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman intaglio of a “horn of plenty” normally associated with the godess Fortuna. Used in ancient times as an amulet or […]



Ancient Greek gold ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Greek gold ring , ca 350 B.C. Measurement of bezel : 18 mm in diameter



Large Roman intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Large ancient Roman intaglio ring. The gem is ancient Roman depicting Nike godess of Victory. The 22 gold carat mount is later. […]



Large ancient Roman ring with intaglio

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman silver ring with large carnelian intaglio. The carved symbol refers to Constantine as it appears on one of his coins.The […]



Hellenistic intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It ancient carnelian intaglio ring. The Hellenistic intaglio of of a young Greek male head wearing a hairband.. late Victorian high carat gold […]



Byzantine gold ring

Tweet Pin It Byzantine gold ring with engraved bezel of a Saint.Ca 700 A.D. Measurement of bezel : 8 mm in diameter Ring size : […]



Armorial gold and lapis ring

Tweet Pin It Seal carved lapis lazuli and 18 carat gold ring.Ca 1860 Measurements of bezel:18 x 16 mm Ring size:”V”=US10+ 3/4



Glass cameo ring of Morpheus

Tweet Pin It Antique 18 carat gold ring , ca 1800 Grand Tour probably Italian. The very high quality of the three layered “agate” glass […]



Rare Roman merchant’s ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient red jasper intaglio of a food merchant/ inn keeper../. The intaglio is ca second century A.D. with a goat, a couldron, […]



Roman intaglio ring of a rabbit

Tweet Pin It First century A.D. intaglio of a hare in mid nineteeth century high carat gold ring. The motif of a hare appears on […]

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