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Ancient intaglio ring

Ancient intaglio in conical banded agate with the “table” engraved with the letters “POY”..? The intaglio is ca 100 A.D. and the high carat gold […]



Ancient Greek gold ring

Ancient Greek , ca. 400 B.C. gold ring with engraved bezel Measurements : bezel : 14 x 10 mm Ring size : “D” Weight : […]



Ancient Roman cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo ring ca first century B.C.



Ca 1550 intaglio of Titus, in later ring

Renaissance ca 1550 Blue chalcedony intaglio of Emperor Titus in later high carat gold mount



Ancient Revival style gold ring

Remarkable gold ring in the Ancient Etruscan Revival style, with elements of Ancient Gold work from Greece 600 BC. The outside of the ring is […]



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of the goddess Fortuna in late high carat gold setting. Measurement of bezel : 18 x 13 mm Ring size : “T” […]



Ancient Roman cameo of Eros in later ring

Ancient Roman cameo of Eros in later high carat gold ring Ring size “R”



Ancient red jasper intaglio ring

First century A.D. red jasper intaglio of Faustina in later high carat gold setting. Measurements of bezel : 13 x 11 mm Ring size : […]



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ca 400 A.D. gold ring with red jasper intaglio of a cipher of letters. The cipher must be the owners name in coded letters.



Byzantine gold medallion

Ca 600 A.D. Byzantine gold medallion, struck into a dye just like coins were made , except this one was made to be worn as […]



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring. The Alexandrian red jasper intaglio of a rooster and a hen copulating is ca second century A.D. The mount is later. […]



Ancient Luristan bowl 1200-800 B.C

Ancient Luristan bronze/copper alloy bowl 1200-800 B.C. For similar example see : Mahboubian, Art of Ancient Iran, Measurements : 17 cm diameter Height : 5 […]



Ancient Roman cameo in gold pendant

Ancient Roman cameo in nineteenth century gold pendant. The cameo is with a haircrack. Italian gold work ca 1860 Measurements : 55 x 42 mm



Ancient Zeus Ammon Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman carnelian integlio of Zeus Ammon. The gold setting is not contemporary but later. Ring size :”Q”= US 8+1/4



Greek glass bead necklace

Ca 500-400 B.C. Greek glass bead necklace. A very similar bead necklace was sld in Sotheby’s in 1987 where the catalog description read : “Mediterranean […]


Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of Dionysus in “modern” high carat gold setting. /the setting is middle of last century/These blue and black agates are called Niccolo. […]


Roman Medusa cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo of the head of Medusa. /Gorgoneion./, in nineteenth century gold mount. The nose of Medusa is chipped and “missing” in parts, otherwise […]


Roman intaglio ring of an elephant

An ancient Roman carnelian intaglio depicting an elephant holding a palm leaf. The first century intaglio is set in high carat gold . The setting […]

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