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Ca 700 AD migration period gold ring

Migration era gold ring Ca 600 AD. with pyramid shaped garnet



1860 amethyst and diamond ring

Antique gold and silver ring ca 1860 . The bezel is set with an amethyst -foiled- and surrounded with rose cut diamonds. Ring size : […]



Egyptian revival gold ring signed DELURET

Gold ring in the Egyptian revival style, French ca 1890, signed DELURET



Diamond cluster ring

Antique diamond ring with flower pattern diamond set bezel. Ca 1880. Ring size : N+1/2



Antique gold ring with pearl and diamonds

ca 1880 gold ring with natural pearl and diamonds



1860 gold brooch with diamonds emeralds and rubies

Probably French gold brooch with diamonds rubies and emeralds Measurements : 55 x 58 mm



Gold ring with diamonds and emerald

Ca 1860 gold ring with fine untreated Colombian emerald and small diamonds around. Ring size : “L”



Diamond ring

Early nineteenth century gold and silver ring set with rose cut diamonds ring size : M+1/2



Eighteenth century enamelled diamond ring

Antique gold ring with enamel diamonds and small pearls..The back is with a locket French ca 1770 ? Ring size : “O”



Ca 1800 peridot ring

Silver and gold mounted “large peridot” ring. The shank and the underside is 18 carat gold and the setting is silver / “cut back setting […]



Silver gilt ring of a ship

Antique ca 1600 silver seal engraved ring with a galleon. Spanish ? The original fire gilding is in faded but reasonable condition. Diameter of bezel […]



Grand Tour gold pendant with ancient intaglio

Small Grand Tour pendant ca 1780 with ancient jasper intaglio Measurement:26 mm in vertical

Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in gold ring


Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in gold ring

Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa set in modern gold ring.Medusa was a protective talisman/devise. Roman legions had Medusa on their shield, and Roman Emperors were […]



Roman intaglio ring

Large carnelian Hellenistic intaglio in later high carat gold mount. The intaglio of a youth is from ca 60 B.C. Measurement of bezel:21 x 18 […]



Eighteenth century silver and paste slide

Silver and paste slide, probably converted from a shoe bucle, / judging from the style the conversion was made ca 1800../ measurements: 43 x 39 […]



1700 cameo fragment

Ca 1700 probably Italian antique two layered agate cameo, broken in half. The gold frame is ca 1820. Measurements : with the frame 38 x […]



Antique intaglio ring with Zeus-Serapis

Ancient Carnelian intaglio of Zeus-Serapis in later high carat gold mount. The fine wheel cut intaglio is from the second century A.D. Serapis was an […]

Cameo of Emperor Caracalla in 15 carat gold ring


Cameo of Emperor Caracalla in 15 carat gold ring

16 century cameo portrait of the Roman Emperor Caracalla Italian c.1550. In high carat gold ring setting. The mount is circa 1800. Ref: CA03


Ancient Roman Gryllos intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a Gryllos/ Gryllus/ Favored signet-gem device in Ancient Rome , a composite monster made up by joining together various masks […]


Ancient Roman Intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian and silver intaglio ring. The carnelian intaglio is of an eagle holding a closed laurel wreath. This symbol is often used as […]


Sixteenth Century cameo Ring of Sea Monsters

Two toned sixteenth century agate cameo carving of two sea monsters, the type normally seen in paintings of the age accompanying Poseidon, god of the […]


Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman green blood stone intaglio of a warrior getting ready for war. A frequent subject in the Republican era and in the first century […]


Roman Intaglio Ring of Harpokrates

Ancient green blood stone intaglio of Harpokrates sitting in a lotus flower that is symbolizing the rebirth of the Nile.The very rare subject of the […]


Ancient Roman Jasper Intaglio in Gold Ring

“Large” ancient Roman red jasper intaglio of a trophy urn with three faces. The intaglio is from ca. 2 nd century A.D. The 18 carat […]


Ancient Carnelian intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio ring of a Satyr and a goat. Interpretations are left for one’s imagination, but one of them is as an amulet […]


Eighteenth Century Carnelian Double Portrait Intaglio Ring

18 carat gold and carnelian intaglio ring, the intaglio is ca 1760 and the gold ring ca. 1830.Ring size “V” , size of bezel 21 […]


Enameled Gold Ring with Coral Cameo of Poseidon

Enameled gold ring with coral cameo of Poseidon, God of the Sea and one of the Olympian Deity. 18 carat size “O” =”7″ + 1/2 […]


Byzantine Silver Ring

Byzantine silver ring ca sixth century A.D.


Fourth Century Gold and Niccolo ring

Late Roman, early Byzantine gold and niccolo ring. Ring size “S” US9+1/2. Weight 26 gr.


Eighteenth century Cameo ring

Ca. 1780 neoclassical agate cameo ring. Unmarked , high carat gold. Size “S” = US”9″


Eighteenth Century Cameo, Diamond Ring

Sixteenth century cameo set into a gold ring with diamonds. The ring is eighteenth century, ca 1760

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