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Sixteenth Century Ring

Tweet Pin It Fire gilt silver ring with square cut garnet. Probably Hungarian ca. 1550-1600 Size of bezel : 11 mm x 11 mm Ring […]


Posy Ring

Tweet Pin It Antique gold posy ring. Original excavated patina together with British Museum Treasure Act Certificate. /The finder of the ring took the ring […]


Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Octavius, intaglio ring

Tweet Pin It Antique carnelian intaglio ring, probably Rome ca 1770. Beautifully carved carnelian intaglio of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, and Octavius / the first […]


Sixteenth Century Cameo Ring

Tweet Pin It ca 1620 two colored agate heraldic cameo of a lion in mid last century high carat setting. Speckled orange-brown two layered agate […]


Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman intaglio of Dionysus in “modern” high carat gold setting. /the setting is middle of last century/These blue and black agates […]


Roman Amethyst Intaglio of a Lion in a ring

Tweet Pin It Roman amethyst intaglio of a lion, ca 100 A.D. Roman amethyst intaglios are very rare. The high carat gold ring is later. […]


Ancient Roman Banded Agate Intaglio Ring

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman Intaglio of a parrot, Ca first century A.D. The gold mount is modern , ca 1900. Parrots were a rare […]


Ancient Roman intaglio ring of Ganymede

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman intaglio ring , the carnelian intglio bear the carved image of Ganymede. The high carat gold mount is ca 1900, […]

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