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Glass intaglio in 1860 gold mount

High quality cut glass intaglio in antique ca 1860 gold mount



Late eighteenth century gold ring with diamonds

Antique gold and silver ring set with rose diamonds. Measurements of bezel : 12 x 8.5 mm Ring size : M +1/2



Sixteenth century gold ring

Ca 1550 gold ring with turquoise . Measurements size : H

Late fifteenth century crusader silver ring


Fourteenth century crusader silver ring

Partially gilt silver ring ca 1400-50 Bezel with a single large cross on a shield. Shield is mercury gilt. Probably Hungarian Crusader ring. Size of […]



Phoenician silver ring

Ca 600 B.C. silvr ring, with the bezel engraved reminicent of Egyptian seals. The seafairing Phonician Empire was located in Northern Lebanon from ca 1200 […]

Eleventh century Umayyad silver ring


Eleventh century Umayyad silver ring

Ca 1050 Umayyad silver ring from Al Andalus. The bezel is engraved with Kufic script/Kufic is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts […]

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