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Antique 15 ct ring with pearls

Antique gold ring with with small pearls



1790 gold portrait ring

Ca 1790-1800 rose gold portrait ring. The portrait is oil painted. Measurements : 35 x 24 mm Ring size : T+1/2



Sixteenth century gold ring with sapphires

English ca 1550 gold ring with sapphires. Ring size : “H”



Gold ring with natural pearls and diamonds

Antique gold ring, probably French ca 1840 set with full cut diamonds and two natural pearls Ring size Q+1/2



Memorial ring 1776

Antique gold ring with white enamelled bad, engraved Ann Fazier died Aug 1776 aged 17 Bezel is with conjoined monogram in braid under crystal. Ring […]



Eighteenth century ring with diamonds

1790-1800 gold and silver ring set with full cut diamonds Ring size : O+1/2



Eighteenth century gold ring with agate and diamonds

Antique ca 1790-1800 gold and silver ring with “picture agate ” and diamond surround. Measurements of bezel : 12.5 11 mm Ring size : K



Eighteenth century amethyst and diamond ring

Antique eighteenth century ca 1780 gold and silver ring with amethyst and diamonds Measurements of bezel : 14.5 x 12.5 mm Ring size : O+1/2



Mourning ring of Queen Victoria

Gold ring with enamelled top, with the year of her birth and the year of her death. Ring size : M+1/2



Tassi portrait ring 1770

Ca 1770 antique pink gold ring, with a Tassi glass cameo of the young Prince William HenryDuke of Gloucester /1743-1805/ the younger brother of George […]



Lapis scarab ring with diamonds

Ca 1880 gold ring with diamonds and a beautifully carved lapis scarab.



Medieval gold clover ring

English Ca 1500 gold ring with a clover on top. The clover part is probably cast. Ring size : “Q” = US 8+1/4



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a City goddess, in later ca 1860 French gold ring. Measurement of gem : 17 x 12 mm According to […]



Blood stone cameo ring

Sixteenth century bloodsone cameo ring of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. The ring is ca 1770. Using bloodstone in the sixteenth century is “popular” […]



Antique topaz and diamond ring

late eighteenth century gold ring with topaz and diamonds. Ringsize : “M”



Topaz ring with diamonds

Late eighteenth century gold ring with a large foiled golden topaz, plus four small diamonds on shoulders. English ca 1770. Measurements of topaz :14 x […]



Byzantine intaglio ring

Ancient Byzantine intaglio ring. The intaglio / niccolo / is ca 450 A.D. and depicting two figures, as one of them seem to be offering […]



Late eighteenth century steel ring

late eighteenth century steel, seal engraved armorial ring. Probably Dutch ca 1760. Measurement of bezel : 23 x 21 mm

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