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Sixteenth century cameo ring

Ca 1600 hessonite garnet cameo in early 19 th century gold ring set with pearls



Cameo ring

ca 1700 Italian cameo of young Dionysus in later / ca 1890 / gold setting Measurements of bezel : 24 x 18 ring size : […]



1600 opal cameo of Medusa

Medusa cameo in opal. Italy ca 1550-1600. Broken. Measurements:55 x 22 mm



1800 aventurine cameo of Medusa

“Large” and very rare ca 1800 cameo of Medusa in aventurine. Setting contemporary, was a snap of a bracelet, with later addition brooch fitting. Measurements […]



Jasper cameo of Pan

Antique ca 1800 two layered jasper cameo of Pan. The gold brooch is ca 1820. Dimensions of bezel : 34×25 mm



Ancient Roman cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo ring ca first century B.C.



1880 agate cameo brooch with aquamarines

Ca 1880 gold brooch with two layered agate cameo . The brooch is with 20 aquamarines and 8 tiny diamonds Measurements : 60 x 50 […]



Cameo ring

Ca 1600 agate cameo set in gold ring ca 1800. The cameo is surrounded with turquoise .



Agate cameo brooch with rubies

Ca 1820 hard stone cameo brooch in a gold frame with foiled rubies .



Cameo brooch in diamond set frame

Two layered hard stone cameo of a Maenad and Eros in a diamond set frame. French ca 1820 Measurements :28.5 mm x 25.5 mm



Eighteenth century cameo of St George with the dragon

Ca 1760 agate cameo of Saint George with the dragon. The gold setting is a century later Measurements : 33×30 mm



Jasper cameo bracelet

Ca 1860 gold bracelet with eight two layered jasper cameos. The bracelet is hallmarked with Vienna gold marks. Smallest bezel: 22×18 mm….Largest bezel ; 29×21 […]



Eighteenth century cameo ring

Ca 1770 three dimensionally carved cameo in original contemporary setting. Probably Italian. Measurement of bezel : 30 mmx 17.5 mm



Ancient Roman cameo of Eros in later ring

Ancient Roman cameo of Eros in later high carat gold ring Ring size “R”



Eighteenth century cameo of Diana

Probably Italian ca 1790-1800 onyx three layered cameo of Diana in original setting. Measurements : 38 x 28 mm



Late eighteenth century cameo of Apollo in original frame

“Large” three layered cameo, probably Italian, ca 1790-1800 of Apollo in the original gold frame. Measurements : 39 x 30 mm



1830 cameo brooch

Two layered hard stone cameo in gold mount , set with diamonds. Probably Italian ca 1820-30 The brooch must have had a detachable bracelet. Measurements […]



1800 cameo ring of Eros

Hard stone cameo of Eros in ca 1800 gold ring Measurements of bezel 26 x 14 mm Ring size : “O” + 1/2 = US […]



French cameo with gold overlay

Ca 1860 French agate cameo with three coloured fine, chased and engraved gold overlay. Following Renaissance traditions originating from Italy called comesso these “dressed” and […]



Sixteenth century cameo in eighteenth century ring

Ca 1580-1600 agate cameo of a merman / male equivalent of a mermaid / The eighteenth century gold and silver ring is with two small […]



Emperor Galba cameo ring

C. 1800 gold ring set with a three layered agate cameo of the prtrait of Emperor Galba. Measurements of bezel : 24 x 18 mm […]



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring. The Alexandrian red jasper intaglio of a rooster and a hen copulating is ca second century A.D. The mount is later. […]



Ancient Roman cameo in gold pendant

Ancient Roman cameo in nineteenth century gold pendant. The cameo is with a haircrack. Italian gold work ca 1860 Measurements : 55 x 42 mm



Hard stone cameo with table cut diamond mount

Hard stone cameo ca 1680 depicting probaly Sylvanus / wearing oakleaf crown / , god of the forest . The mount is with 21 diamonds […]



Hercules cameo brooch

Ninenteenth century agate cameo brooch with diamonds. The brooch is silver and gold.



Ancient Zeus Ammon Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman carnelian integlio of Zeus Ammon. The gold setting is not contemporary but later. Ring size :”Q”= US 8+1/4



1880 Etruscan revival gold cameo pendant

Antique gold Etruscan revival pendant with agate cameo of Christ and St John the Baptist. Probably Rome. Measurements : Vertical 47 mm



Sixteenth century shell cameo in 18 cent gold frame

Ca 1500 Italian shell cameo of three portraits. Measurements with the gold frame : 38 mm x 26 mm

Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in gold ring


Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in gold ring

Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa set in modern gold ring.Medusa was a protective talisman/devise. Roman legions had Medusa on their shield, and Roman Emperors were […]



Signed agate cameo

Sined red agate cameo of Ceres in gold frame. Signature of G.Lemarie Measurements : 28 x 24 mm



Gryllus cameo ring

Agate cameo of a gryllus./ an ancient device to ward off the evil eye../ The three faces and a rams head cameo is of three […]



Glass cameo of Pope Pius X

Large multicoloured glass cameo of Pope Pius X. Measurements : 73 x 58 mm



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of a “horn of plenty” normally associated with the godess Fortuna. Used in ancient times as an amulet or “good luck charm”. […]



Byzantine intaglio ring

Ancient Byzantine intaglio ring. The intaglio / niccolo / is ca 450 A.D. and depicting two figures, as one of them seem to be offering […]

Eighteenth cent. cameo ring of Emperor Galba


Eighteenth cent. cameo ring of Emperor Galba

Roman set eighteenth century cameo portrait of Emperor Galba in modern high carat gold setting. Italian cameo ca 1770 , of the Grand Tour period. […]



Cameo ring

Agate hardstone cameo ring. The cameo is of Athena and made at the end of the seventeenth century probably in Italy. The high arat gold […]



Cameo ring

Early eighteenth century hard stone “black amore” cameo in late ca 1780 high carat setting. Measurement of bezel;30 mm x 24 mm. Ring size :”W” […]



Sixteenth century blackamoor cameo ring

ca 1580 -1600 grey agate carving of a blackamoor in an late eighteenth century gold setting. As jewelry, such figures usually appear in antique Venetian […]



Eighteenth Century Cameo ring

Eighteenth century carnelian cameo ring.The cameo is of the young Antonius. The pink gold setting and cameo are ca 1770 , Grand Tour . Measurement […]



Glass cameo portrait ring

English ca 1780 engraved red gold mounted glass cameo portrait ring of possibly King Gustav Adolfus III of Sweden. Measurement of bezel :31 x 25 […]



Roman cameo of Cupid in gold ring

second century agate cameo of Cupid in later high carat gold ring. In classical mythology, Cupid (Latin Cupido, meaning “desire”) is the god of desire, […]


Sixteenth century cameo

ca 1600, probably Italian carved agate cameo. A Herm is being offered a goose. The cameo is probably a 1600 copy of a classical gem.The […]


Cameo brooch

Two layered onyx cameo of a Negress “dressed” in diamonds. Probably French ca 1880. The gold frame is 18 carat, unmarked. Measurements : 45 x […]


Sixteenth Century Sardonyx Cameo of an Emperor

A broken sardonyx cameo portrait of an emperor. Italian ca. 1600. Beautiful early carving, cracked in the middle, but since it is such a high […]


Large blue lava and silver cameo broach

Early nineteenth century ca 1830 large blue lava cameo set in silver, broach of Godess Fortuna with a horn of plenty. The cameo is Italian […]


Antique Medusa Cameo ring

ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in modern gold ring. The cameo is ca. 3rd century A.D. In Greek mythology Medusa (Greek: Μέδουσα (Médousa), “guardian, protectress”) […]


Roman Medusa cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo of the head of Medusa. /Gorgoneion./, in nineteenth century gold mount. The nose of Medusa is chipped and “missing” in parts, otherwise […]


Early Christian Niccolo cameo in gold ring

Ca fourth century A.D. cameo carved niccolo with the letters ICIOC. The only explanation of the cameo is that it is a variation of ICTYS […]


Antique hard stone cameo broach

Very fine neoclassical hard stone cameo broach. The cameo portrait does not bear any attributable traits or symbols as who it represents but the highly […]

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