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“Large” engine turned silver pomander

“large” circular engine turned silver pomander, ca 1700 unmarked, German with screw off top. Diameter 43 mm



Seventeenth century silver box

Chased and embossed circular tobacco box, unmarked ca 1680, probably German.7 cm in diameter



Silver perpetual calendar

Antique engraved silver perpetual calendar. Thfront and tha obverse side is with engraved sliding discs showing the hours and minutes of sunlights, the feast days […]



Antique silver beaker with coins

Very high quality partially gilt silver beaker decorated with flat chased “Regance” motifs, and set with coins. Marked underneath with the town mark of Berlin […]



Silver gilt spoon

Early eighteenth century silver gilt spoon, with the town mark of Thorn, Torun. Marked also with the makers mark of Johann Christian Brollmann who became […]



Silver pomander

“Large” antique silver pomander, unmarked, German or Swiss ca 1690-1700. T has 5 dechable / all unscrews/ parts for the different solid scent. Excentric lathe […]



Glass and silver tankard

Antique glass and silver tankard ca 1730, probably German.The silver mounts are with the original fire gilding. Unmarked. Height:18 cm



Pair of eighteenth century silver candlesticks

Pair of antique silver candlesticks, mareked both with the town mark of Breslau, also with date letter for 1735 and also with the makers mark […]



Russian trompe l’oeil silver salt

Antique Russian trompe l’oeil silver salt, hallmarked St Petersburg 1892. Measurements: 11 cm x 7 cm



Seventeenth century silver gilt Nautilus cup

Very good quality Nautilus cup from Augsburg. Marked on foot and cup with the town mark of Augsburg and makers mark of Hans Ott maker […]



Large silver gilt coin beaker on feet

Large unmarked silver gilt beaker on heavy cast feet decorated with silver coins. Probably Baltic ca 1700



Silver gilt dish

“Large” hexagonal fire gilt silver dish embossed with flowers, marked on the rim with the town mark of Vienna 1697 and with a makers mark […]



Eigteenth century Scandinavian silver cream boat

Ca 1760 probably Swedish cream boat on four legs. The cast and applied floral handle in matching the organic design of the feet. Very similar […]



1650 Nuremberg silver gilt tankard

“Melon shaped” Nuremberg silver tankard with the original fire gilding, embossed with flowers. Cast handle with female head.Detachable spread foot. Marked on foot and body. […]



Silver mounted rock crystal beaker

Ca 1680 silver mounted rock crystal beaker. Probably Bohemia / Pragh



Antique Augsburg silver gilt spoon

Antique silver gilt spoon , hallmarked with town mark of Augsburg and makers mark CW. Ca 1670 Measurementt: 21.5 cm



Nurnberg silver gilt beaker 1556-58

Fire gilt silver beaker, fully marked Nurnberg 1556-58 and makers mark of Hans Lencker / Master 1550 dies 1582./ The sides of the footed beaker […]



Pair of silver mounted ruby glass bottles

Pair of German ca 1710 silver mounted ruby glass bottles. Probably coming out of a large traveling toilet service. The silver mounts have their original […]



“China trade” silver toothpick box

Ca 1820 China trade silver toothpick box, marked with makers mark. The American Chaitt Collection catalog lists and illustrates the maker as a rare and […]



1720 silver snuff box

Antique circular silver snuffbox, probably European ca 1720. Measurements : 7 cm in diameter



1700 Augsburg silver inkstand

1700 silver inkstand from Augsburg. Measurements : 24 x 15.5 cm



Silver mounted shell sauceboat

“Large” unmarked English ca 1760 silver mounted shell as a sauceboat, with three cast shell feet and cast handle. Measurements : 17 cm Height 12.5 […]



Silver bust of St Leopold, Vienna 1758

Silver bust of St Leoplod on a gilt bronze plinth. Made by Joseph Moser of Vienna in 1758. / In a recently published book by […]



Large silver second course dish

Large silver second course dish ca 1760 , marked with the town mark of Hanover and the Maker mark of Peter Franz Bunsen 1725 1795 […]



1690 fire gilt silver beaker from Augsburg

Very good quality silver beaker / 1760 gram / with stippled or /snake skin decoration / with the original fire gilding. Marked underneath the the […]



1690 silver gilt fork, spoon , knife

Ca 1690-1700 cast silver gilt fork, spoon, and knife. Wonderful quality. Unmarked probably English.



Silver gilt salt

Unmarked cast silver salt with fire gilding , ca 1780-1820. Probably Italian . Measurements : Height : 13.2 cm weight : 569.9 grams Triton (/ˈtraɪtən/; […]



Silver gilt and flat chased ewer

Helmet shaped silver gilt ewer with cast handle and decorated with rocaille flat chasing. Marked on the foot and main body with the town mark […]



Ivory and gold tooth pick box

Antique toothpick box English ca 1790 in ivory , gold, enamel and pearls. The inside is with the original velvet and mirror.The lid is with […]



Strassbourg gilt tumbler

Usual wonderful quality Strassbourg silver fire gilt tumbler cup. Marked with Strassbourg marks and the makers mark of Johann Friderick Krug / Master 1731 / […]



Seventeenth century silver box with enamelled plaque

Ca 1680 partially gilt silver box, the lid inset with a domed enamelled plaque. The plaque depicys a Saint holding a hammer and a nail. […]



Eighteenth century scroll holder

Ca 1790 painted paper mache , tortoise shell and gold scroll holder. These scroll holders were used to give a sheet of poem, a note […]



Russian niello silver vodka cup

Very good quality Russian silver gilt vodka cup with niello decoration. Marked underneath Moscow 1807. The front of the cup is with a niello monogram […]



Enamelled silver snuff box

Ca 1710 oval snuffbox with an enamelled portrait of Queen Anne. Original fire gilding inside. Measurements : 75 x 55 mm



Set of six seventeenth century ivory handled knives

Set of six carved ivory handled knives. German ca 1680. One is bigger than the other five … Five are with Augsburg blades and one […]



Venetian key ca 1350

Late gothic iron key ca 1350 from Venice. Measurement: 64 mm



French 1750 enamelled silver box

Enamelled silver snuffbox, French ca 1750 , marked with date letter, makers mark, and discharge mark. All the enamel is in wonderful unrestored condition. Measurements […]



Silver coin beaker

Antique silver beaker , decorated with silver coins. Breslau ca 1720. Maker Christoph Plakwitz 1684-1724. Marked undeneath and on the edge of lid. Height 19.5 […]

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