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Medieval gold ring with sapphire

Medieval gold ring, England ca 1350-1400 with engraved shoulders and a cabochon sapphire. Width of band : 4.3 mm



1500 gold ring

Late Medieval gold ring with the inscription: Jesus Nazarenus jude rex. Devotional ring, probably England ca 1480-1500 Ring size : “P” = US 8



Gold Memento Mori ring

English gold Memento Mori ring, with inside inscription : J Price obt Apr 1707 aet 78 Ring size “L”



Ancient bronze ring with intaglio

Ancient Roman bronze ring with original intaglio depicting the godess Minerva / one of her attributes was a snake..! / Probably first cent. B.C. Ring […]



Diamonds and rubie ring

“Large” oval gold and silver ring the bezel is set with rose diamonds and in the center with a Burma rubie. Measurement of bezel : […]



Saxon gold ring

ca. 650 A. D. Saxon gold ring. Ring size : “P”



Hungarian medieval silver ring

Hungarian ca 1400 silver ring shaped as a shield with Agnus Dei. The shield is with lettering around which I couldnt decipher.



1500 silver ring

“Robust” silver ring ca 1500 Hungarian or Central European. The bezel is with a seal engraved cartouche with a fleur de lys. Ring size : […]



Baronets armorial ring

Ca 1890 armorial seal ring with an octagonal carved bloodstone. The caving is a reversed double monogram with a Baronet’s crown above and the Baronets […]



Eighteenth Century Diamond Ring

English ca 1780 gold and silver ring set with a “large” rose diamond in the middle with twelf smaller full cut diamonds around. Measurements of […]



Seventeenth century gold posy ring

Seventeenth century gold posy ring. The ring is engraved with the message : ” Love equal ” / miss spelt..! / Width of band : […]



Eighteenth century Giardinetti brooch with diamonds, rubies and emeralds

Ca 1790-1800 silver and gold Giardinetti brooch in the form of an urn of flowers, the urn part is set with a lapis coloured glass […]

Antique diamond ring


Antique diamond ring

Antique diamond ring with “large” rose cut in the middle, surrounded by 14 small rose cuts. Shoulder are set with single rose as well. Ring […]



Silver belt decoration.

Probably Hunnic ca 600 A.D.silver belt decoration with some gilding Measurement: 28 x 18 mm



Large Medieval sapphire bead in high carat mount

Large oblong drilled Medieval sapphire bead set in modern high carat setting. Measurements of bezel : 18 x 12 mm Ring size : “P” + […]



Art Nouveau silver and chrysopras belt bucle

“Large” French Art Nouveau silver and gold and chrysopras belt bucle. Measurements : 100 x 59 mm



Eighteenth century portrait ring with diamonds

English ca 1760 portrait ring with diamonds. Measurements of the bezel ; 15 x 13 mm Ring size : “Q” = US 8+1/4



Seventeenth century Sri Lanka ivory panel

Ca 1620-40 Sri Lankan carved ivory panel, probably part of a casket. Measurements : 27 x 7 cm

Byzantine silver marriage medal ring


Byzantine silver marriage medal ring

Byzantine silver marriage plaque/medal set in later high carat gold ring. The seal engraved bust of a man and a woman are in profile and […]



Topaz ring with diamonds

English ca 1790 antique gold and silver ring , with a cushion shaped topaz in the middle and small diamond set surround. The measuremnt of […]



Roman gold ring

Ancient Roman gold ring engraved with a stag and a bird.The engraving must be a personalized pictorial rebus. Normally a stag would symbolise fertility, or […]



Medieval gold ring with two duck heads

Medieval gold ring with two duck head terminals. Probably English ca 1500. The ring is probably a merchants ring, unless it is armorial…



Diamond ring

Probably French gold and silver diamond ring.The center is with nine rose cut diamonds surrounded with small rose cuts in a shaped frame. ca 1840-60 […]



Eighteenth century hessenite garnet gold ring

antique gold ring, English ca 1780 with foiled settings of a hessenite garnet in the middle and diamonds on either side .



Seventeenth century gold Fede ring

Seventeenth century gold Fede ring. English ca 1680.



Ostro-Gothic gold ring

Gold ring with a central part of a constructed hollow domed oval central part with granular decoration around. Probably Ostro Gothic ca 600 A.D./ Ostro […]



Medieval gold ring with letter “N”

Medieval gold ring.Gothic letter N is seal engraved in reverse. Probably English ca 1480-1500 Ring size : “P”= US8



Venetian silver and niello armorial ring

Antique silver armorial ring. The bezel is seal engraved with an early armorial, the sides are engraved and nielloed. Most probably Venice ca 1480-1500.



450 B.C. ring

Large bronz ring, Greek ca 450-400 B.C. with seal engraving of a beast holding a lance. Measurements of bezel :23 x 28 mm Ring size […]



1720 Memento mori ring

English ca 1720 gold and silver memento mori ring , with two diamonds on the shoulder of the ring. Baded monograms under the table cut […]



Antique amethyst and diamonds ring

Ca 1810 English silver and gold ring with a cushion shaped amethyst in the middle surrounded by small full cut diamonds set into silver.The diamonds […]



1792 enamelled gold memorial ring

Antique gold , black enamelled memorial ring,” ELIZ BOWER Ob 4 Apr1792 ” Fantastic condition. Ring size:Q



Antique enamelled gold memorial ring

Black enamelled 18 carat gold memorial ring, ” MRS Eliz*DDawson Ob*27 Nov *1816 ” Ring size : “V”= US 10+1/2 Width of ring:8 mm



Eighteenth century rubie and diamonds ring

English ca 1770 gold ring with silver setting for the two diamonds on the shoulders, with suare cut rubie in the middle. Ring size : […]



Cameo ring with diamonds

Eighteenth century cameo ring with a ca 1600 two tone cameo, set into a silver mount with small diamonds. The ring part is gold. Measurement […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient roman gold and banded agate intaglio ring. The intaglio is of an ant.The ring is ca second cent. A.D.



Ancient Roman silver ring

Late Roman silver ring, ca 300 A.D. The form and subject indita the period of the ring. The engraved bezel of a male bust is […]



Stuart Crystal mourning ring

Ca 1680 enamelled gold ring with a fazetted rock crystal bezel , covering golden braid monograms.Enamel on shoulders are frayed and part missing but in […]


Micromosaic ring

Italian micromosaic gold  ring of two birds, ca 1810. The ring is marked with 18 ct French marks. Measurements of bezel: 34 x 19 mm […]



Sixteenth Century gold ring with rock crystal

Heavlly engraved Probably Italian ca 1540 gold ring with table cut rock crystal.



Sixteenth century silver gilt ring

Ca 1580 Mid European fire gilt silver ring, with painted rock crystal armorials Ring size: P= US7+3/4



Eighteenth century diamonds ring

English ca 1780 gold ring set wuth rose diamonds and small seed pearls. Measurements: 32 x 18 mm Ring size :”O”+1/2 = US 7+1/2



Byzantine gold ring

Ca 700 A.D. Byzantine gold ring with green glass.The “large” oblong setting is in the form of “Roman” setting, which was revived in later European […]



1600 gold posy ring

Antique gold ca 1600-1620 posy ring, filed to a shape and engraved inside with the sentiment ” Remember me ” 8 mm wide Ring size […]



Medieval gold stirrup ring

Medieval English gold ring ca 1350-1400. Universally called stirrup rings, but this name is a 19 th century description denoting the shape of the ring […]



Ottoman siver gilt archers ring

Ca, 1500 fire gilt silver gilt ring with engraved decoration. Turkey , Ottoman period ca 1500.



Ancient intaglio ring

Ancient carnelian intaglio in a high carat later ring. The image in a sea horse or hyppocampus,with a trident of Neptune. Measurements of bezel : […]



Ring with rose cut diamonds

Ca 1860 silver and gold ring set with rose cut diamonds. Measurement of bezel: 15 mm Ring size : “T”=US9+3/4

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