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Eighteenth century crystal bow brooch

English ca 1740- silver bow set with foiled and fazetted rock crystals, the large drop is paste. Original fittings for lace ribbon necklace, plus later […]



Cameo pendant

Antique hardstone cameo of an Emperor in an enamelled gold frame. The cameo is ca 1800 and the gold enamelled frame is ca 1840. Together […]



Roman itaglio ring with diamonds

ca 1810 gold and silver ring with an ancient carnelian intaglio depicting Hercules in the middle, surrounded with diamonds. Probably Grand Tour Rome, Ring size […]



Apollo cameo ring

Eighteenth century multy layered agate-hardstone cameo, depicting Apollo in later high carat setting.Measurements of bezel :26 x 19.5 mm Ring size : Q= US 8+1/4



Eighteenth century emerald and diamond ring

ca 1780 ring , the top of the ring is made of silver and set with emeralds and diamonds. The “large” oval center diamond is […]



Opal bracelet with diamond clasps

antiqoe gold bracelet with five row of cabochon opals set into settings which move individualy to make the bracelet very flexible and wearable.Arching over the […]



Leda and the swan cameo ring

Antique ring. Ca 1780 – 1790 probaly Italian conch shell cameo of Leda and the swan in 1780 high carat gold setting. Measurements of cameo […]

Micro mosaic panel in gold frame


Micro mosaic panel in gold frame

Larger than normal micro mosaic panel in enamelled gold frame. Most probably from a box. Depicting Pliny’s doves. The origin of the design is probably […]



Wedgwood , gold and steel chain

Triple length chain, with Wedgwood beads, supported in gold setting, with polished steel. The Wedgwood beads are ca 1790. The gold work could be later.At […]



Carved coral ring

Antique gold ring with a carved coral mask. Grand Tour ca 1800 , probably Italian. Ring size : “N”= US6+3/4



1730 cruciform garnet and diamond ring

Ca 1730 gold and silver ring with a square garnet in the middle and four diamonds around. Ring size :”I” = 4+1/2



eighteenth century giardinetti ring

antique English ca 1770 “giardinetti” silver and gold ring. Ring size :”M”= US6+1/2



Emerald and diamonds ring

English ca 1820 silver and gold ring set with table cut emerald and diamonds around. Ring size : “M” = US 6+1/2



Enamelled French Belle Epoque brooch

Ca 1880 French gold brooch , with exquisitely painted enamel. The nautical theme continues with dolphins and reeds and a shell studded with diamonds and […]



1781 black enamelled gold memorial ring

English 1781 black enamelled memorial ring” Danl Newman+esqOB 1 Oct 1781 AET 41 ” Ring size :”P”+1/2 = US 8



Eighteenth century double sided intaglio ring

antique gold swivel ring English ca 1770, with double sided carnelian intaglio, Each side depicting Nike driving a quadriga. Ring size:”P”



Eighteenth century enamelled gold memorial ring

Dated 1776 anamelled gold memorial ring ” Bd BenBiddulph ob 21 mar1776 AE 46 ” Ring size :”O” + 1/2=US7+1/2



Micro mosaic slide and choker

Ca 1820 gold mounted oval micromosaic panel , encased as a snap and slide for black lace choker.The back has the original 1820 enraving of […]



Memorial gold ring with amethyst

Antique gold ring with oblong amethyst. Dated 1766.The original black enamel is a bit frayed.Amethyst is foiled from underneath. Ring size : “M” = 6 […]



Memorial gold ring with peridot

Dated 1727 memorial ring with peridot and diamonds on the shoulder. The black enamel is a bit frayed. Ring size : “L”+ 1/2= US 6



1730 cruciform diamond ring

ca 1730 English cruciform silver and gold ring set with rose cut diamonds. Ring size : “M” = US 6 + 1/4



Eighteenth century chrysolite cross

Very rare ca 1720-30 silver and chrysolite cross.The stones are all foiled . Portuguese. The gold counter loop is ca 1800and English. Measurements : 42 […]



Eighteenth century pink topaz ring

Ca 1780 English gold ring with foiled pink topaz in the middle with diamonds either side. Ring size : “L”= US 5+3/4



1790 gold ring with diamonds

Antique -probably French- ca 1790 silver and gold ring set with very small diamonds over domed blue glass.5 small dia missing Measurements of bezel :27 […]



“Large” micro-mosaic picture in original frame

Italian / probably Rome / ca 1820-30 Grand Tour micro mosaic of the Foro Romano, in original gilt wooden frame. The mosaic is in copper […]



“Double” hearts ring with diamond and opal

English ca 1840 gold ring with two hearts, one set with one “large” diamond and the other is with an opal. The surround is set […]



Diamond cluster ring with locket

Antique gold ring with rose diamonds. The reverse side of the diamond bezel has a locket to hold a lock of hair. English ca 1820 […]



Eighteenth century topaz and diamonds ring

English ca 1760 gold ring with a large topaz and two diamonds on either side. The diamonds are set into silver, central stone has gold […]



Georgian Diamond Ring

English ca 1780 gold and silver cluster ring with diamonds.The silver bezel is set with eight diamonds around a larger diamond in the middle. Adiitionally […]



Hellenistic intaglio ring

ancient carnelian intaglio ring. The Hellenistic intaglio of of a young Greek male head wearing a hairband.. late Victorian high carat gold mount. Measurement of […]



Spanish gold ring with table cut garnets

Ca 1720 gold ring with table cut garnets. Spanish. Mesurements of bezel :26 x 20 mm Ring size : “S” = US 9 + 1/4



Pair of chrysolite earrings

Pair of ca 1760 Portuguese chrysolite earrings with their original fittings. Measurement of earrings :49 mm vertical



Pair of crysolite earrings

Pair of silver crysolite earrings.Portuguese ca 1760. The top loop gold fittings can be later. Measurement of drop :65 mm



Rock crystal and gold reliquary

Ca 1600 reliquary. The relique is clearly visible / and it is a relique of St Anthony of Padua. / inside the two halfs of […]



Nineteenth-century museum copy of Greek ring

Nineteenth-century museum copy of a Greek ring. With hard stone cameoand garnets.



Chrysolite brooch

Ca 1760 Portuguese chrysolite brooch. Measurements: 10 cm x 8 cm



Gold pendant with trumpets and french horn in hair

Bright cut gold pendant with glass, two trumpets and a french horn fabricated out of hair with tiny pearls. Enamelled music sheet on top of […]



Late eighteenth century diamonds and emerald ring

Ca 1790-1800 English gold and silver ring. The silver bezel is set with old cut diamonds. The center has a table cut emerald set in […]



Seventeenth century cross with diamonds

Probably English ca 1660 small gold and silver cross with enamelled back, engraved with the tools of the cruzifixion. Measurements: 37 mm x 28 mm



Double length pinchbeck guard chain

Antique ca 1800 double length pinchbeck guard chain with gem set barrel box catch.The lenght of the chain is 37 inches/ 94 cm /



Eighteenth century “picture” agate ring

English ca 1790 specimen or “picture agate” ring. The second halh of the eighteenth century was Natural History “mad” and it was fashionable to use […]



Memento mori ring

English ca 1700 enamelled gold ring with fazetted rock crystal. Under the rock crystal is a gold braid monogram of “AMB”. The side of the […]



Eighteenth century silver and gold ring with aquamarine

Ca 1780 gold and silver ring set with an aquamarine.The table cut stone is foiled. Ring size:”L”+1/2=US6



Ca 1800 gold and diamond ring

Ca 1800 English ring with blue glass in the middle. Set with a “large” rose diamond set in silver in the middle, also set with […]



Roman glass intaglio ring with crystals

Ca 1690 silver gilt ring with an ancient glass intsaglio set int he middle into a gold cut back frame. It is surrounded with a […]



Giardinetti ring with emeralds and diamonds

“Giardinetti” ring, ca 1770-80. The “urn” is set with an emerald, ad the silver flower is set with diamonds. ring size:”M” = 6+1/4



Hard stone cameo and diamonds ring

Two layered agate cameo of a Gryllus set in a silver and gold ring. The ring is set with small diamonds. The ring is English […]



Pair of silver and foiled crystal earrings

Pair of foiled rock crystal and silver earrings, ca 1760-70 probably Portuguese. Drop:63 mm

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