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Georgian brooch with rose cut diamonds

English ca 1840 silver and gold brooch set with rose diamonds Measurements 57 x 30 mm



Enamelled gold pendant with hair and miniature

English ca 1800 large enamelled gold pendant with beaded hair and painted miniature under glass Measurements : 75 x 60 mm



Cameo ring

Ca 1600 agate cameo set in gold ring ca 1800. The cameo is surrounded with turquoise .



2.35 carat pyramid cut diamond ring

Modern, ca 1960 gold ring with a ca 2.35 carat princess cut diamond. The diamond has a green “tinge”. With four diamonds at each corner […]



1860 gold brooch with diamonds emeralds and rubies

Probably French gold brooch with diamonds rubies and emeralds Measurements : 55 x 58 mm



Small “historismus” brooch

Small antique enamelled gold brooch with rubies and emerald. Probably Italian ca 1860 Measurements : 28 x 18 mm



1840 gold chain with emeralds and rubies and pearls

Gold chain ca 1840 with emerald and ruby beads and natural pearls Total lengths : 165 cm



1820 topaz necklace

Ca 1820 gold necklace with yellow topaz and pink topaz and diamonds and emeralds. The original chain is also set with amethysts and rubies and […]



Medieval gold clover ring

English Ca 1500 gold ring with a clover on top. The clover part is probably cast. Ring size : “Q” = US 8+1/4



Aquamarine ring with diamons

Ca 1940 hand made platinum ring with pierced side gallery . The bezel is set with a “large ” aquamarine , surrounded by diamonds. Diameter […]



1820 gold necklace with foiled amethysts

English ca 1820 high carat gold necklace with foiled amethysts, in fitted box.



Eighteenth century paste brooch.

English enamelled paste brooch in silver. Ca 1780.



1820 gold necklace with amethysts and topaz

English ca 1820 gold nacklace with foiled amethysts and topaz in original box.



Aquamarine ring with diamonds

Antique gold ring with aquamarine and diamonds. Foiled. Ca 1880



Italian micro mosaic pendant

Ca 1870 Italian gold pendant with inlaid micro mosaic. Signed on the back with the name “Carli”.



Antique Diamond cluster ring

Ca 1800 silver and gold diamond cluster ring. The gold shank is engraved on the shoulders, the silver bezel is also engraved on the underside […]



First century intaglio ring

Ancient Roman gold ring with sard intaglio of a young man. First century A.D. Ring size : “K” Measurement of bezel : 15 x 11 […]



“Early” gold posy ring

Ca 1650 English gpld posy ring, engraved on the outside with bunches of greaps. The outside was enamlled once but no enamel remains. Inside with […]



1790 diamond set ring with enamel

Ca 1790 gold ring with enamelled bezel. The blue enamelled bezel is with a narrow white enamelled border. The bezel is set with 12 old […]



Love themed diamond set brooch

Ca 1880 enamelled gold brooch set with rose cut diamonds. The center part of the brooch is with a diamod set torch and two hearts, […]



French enamelled gold pendant

French ca 1890 enamelled gold pendant with diamonds and with the original chain.The rose cut diamonds ae pierced out in the back.



Turquoise snake brooch

Antique gold brooch ca 1820-30 set with turquoise with gold set ruby eyes. Snakes were very popular from the end of the eighteenth century. Measurements […]



Cabochon sapphire ring

English ca 1500 gold ring with cabochon sapphire. Di of sapphire : 8 mm in dia. Ring size : “O” + 1/2



Roman glass cameo

Ancient Roman glass cameo ca 200 A.D.



Enamelled gold ring with cinamon diamond

Antique enamelled gold ring with a natural cinamon coloured diamond. The diamond is ca one carat.Measurement of square bezel : 6 mm x 6 mm. […]



Banded agate and diamonds ring

Antique gold ring with cabochon banded agate with band of diamonds around. English c 1800. Measurement of bezel :10 mm Ring size : “P”=7+3/4



Carved coral St John the Baptist

Eighteenth century carved coral figure of St John the Baptist. Italian robabvly Trapani work ca 1740-50. Made into a pin in the last 50 years. […]



Amber necklace

Fazetted tapering amber bead necklace ca 1840-60 Length : 65 cm



Sixteenth century gold ring

Antique gold ring Probably English ca 1550-70. The central bezel is engraved with a flower. No repar and none needed. Diameter of central bezel: 7.5 […]



Antique gold ring with emerals,rubies,diamonds and miniature

Antique gold ring with a miniature surrounded by emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. ca 1840 Measurement of bezel / from edge of rubie on the bottom […]



Diamonds and emerald ring

Antique gold and silver ring ca 1830 English with emerald and diamonds. Measurement of bezel:14 x 12 mm Ring size “N” + 1/2



Pair of chrysolite earrings

Pair of silver and chrysolite earrings, Portuguese ca 1770 Measurements :55 mm



Sapphire and diamonds brooch

18 ct gold, diamonds and sapphires brooch, probably French ca 1920 Diameter:30 mm



Etruscan revival bracelet with ancient intaglios

Naples ca 1865 gold bracelet in the “Etruscan revival”, probably made by Giacinto Melillo.The bracelet have 12 intaglios and all the intaglios are ancient . […]



Early seventeenth century rock crystal pendant

Ca 1630-50 rock crystal and silver pendant with a double sided eglomise in the middle. Probably Italian. On eside of the eglomise is of the […]



Double sided cameo pendant

Deep honey coloured agate cameo , both side is careved, one side showing the head of Christ and the other the head of Mary. The […]



Seventeenth century gold and amethyst pendant

Late seventeenth century gold pendant with amethysts. Spanish ca 1680. The brooch fittings are later but with the original fittings for lace ribbon.

Eighteens century diamond aigrette


Eighteenths century diamond aigrette

Late eighteenth century rose diamonds and silver aigrette.Ca 1780-1790 England.Closed back, foiled. In antique jewelry, a jeweled hair or hat ornament, originally meant to hold […]



1760 silver choker with garnets

English ca 1760 gilt silver choker in 13 hinged sections, set with almandine garnets. The ends are with open clasps to accomodate a silk ribbon. […]



Coral branch brooch.

“Large” highly polished coral branch set in silver as a brooch. Ca 1800. Measurement: 9 cm



Seventeenth century silver brooch

Ca 1660 French or Italian silver gilt brooch with enamel and rubies. Measurements : 55 x 60 mm



“Large” Carbuncle garnet pendant

“Enormous” carbuncle garnet, hollowed out in the back to let more light through. These size garnets were very rare in the Middle ages / so […]



Eighteenth century Portuguese topaz brooch

Portuguese ca 1770 silver brooch set with yellow topaz. Closed back and foiled. Brooch fitting later. Measurements : 55 x 55 mm



1580 enamelled gold diamond ring

Ca 1550-1580 enamelled gold diamond ring.Probably Italian.



Enamelled bow pendant with emeralds, rubies and large baroque pearl

Enamelled gold bow pendant with emeralds and rubies and a large baroque pearl. Mid European, ca 1620.In later fitted box. The enamel is in need […]



Sixteenth century enamelled gold ring

Enamelled gold ring ca 1570-1600 with a foiled rock crystal.Probably Italian. Ring size :K = US 5+1/2



Pair of emerald earrings

Pair of gold and emeralds earrings, Spain ca 1680, with the original ear ring fittings. Drop length :34 mm



Seventeenth century gold brooch with sapphire and rubies

Probably Italian ca 1680 brooch with a large central sapphire surrounded with rose cut diamonds and table cut rubies. Detachable baroque pearl on gold mount./ […]



Eighteenth century gold ring with diamonds

ca 1770 gold and silver ring ,pave set with rose cut diamonds. Ring size:I +1/2=US4+3/4



Blood stone cameo ring

Sixteenth century bloodsone cameo ring of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. The ring is ca 1770. Using bloodstone in the sixteenth century is “popular” […]



Eighteenth century green paste pendant

Ca 1770 Enlish green paste pendant. Measurements: 65 x 60 mm



Pair of eighteenth century chrysolite earrings

Pair of late eighteenth century Portuguese chrysolite earrings. Silver and some gold trimmings.Original fittings. Measurements: 95 mm drop



Memento mori ring

English ca 1700 enamelled gold ring with fazetted rock crystal. Under the rock crystal is a gold braid monogram of “AMB”. The side of the […]



Eighteenth century “picture” agate ring

English ca 1790 specimen or “picture agate” ring. The second halh of the eighteenth century was Natural History “mad” and it was fashionable to use […]



Seventeenth century cross with diamonds

Probably English ca 1660 small gold and silver cross with enamelled back, engraved with the tools of the cruzifixion. Measurements: 37 mm x 28 mm



Eighteenth century coque de perle necklace

Coque de perle necklace with silver set iron pyrites. The nearly full length necklace is in perfect condition and has its original box. Coque de […]



Eighteenth century silver and gold ring with aquamarine

Ca 1780 gold and silver ring set with an aquamarine.The table cut stone is foiled. Ring size:”L”+1/2=US6



Ca 1800 gold and diamond ring

Ca 1800 English ring with blue glass in the middle. Set with a “large” rose diamond set in silver in the middle, also set with […]



Pair of silver and foiled crystal earrings

Pair of foiled rock crystal and silver earrings, ca 1760-70 probably Portuguese. Drop:63 mm



Hard stone cameo and diamonds ring

Two layered agate cameo of a Gryllus set in a silver and gold ring. The ring is set with small diamonds. The ring is English […]

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