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Fourteenth century silver gilt iconographic ring


Fourteenth century silver gilt iconographic ring

English ca 1380-1400 silver gilt iconographic ring. The !saddle” shaped bezel is divided by a “ridge”. One side shows Joseph and the other shows Mary..The […]



Antique amethyst and diamonds ring

Ca 1810 English silver and gold ring with a cushion shaped amethyst in the middle surrounded by small full cut diamonds set into silver.The diamonds […]



1792 enamelled gold memorial ring

Antique gold , black enamelled memorial ring,” ELIZ BOWER Ob 4 Apr1792 ” Fantastic condition. Ring size:Q



Antique enamelled gold memorial ring

Black enamelled 18 carat gold memorial ring, ” MRS Eliz*DDawson Ob*27 Nov *1816 ” Ring size : “V”= US 10+1/2 Width of ring:8 mm



Eighteenth century rubie and diamonds ring

English ca 1770 gold ring with silver setting for the two diamonds on the shoulders, with suare cut rubie in the middle. Ring size : […]



Cameo ring with diamonds

Eighteenth century cameo ring with a ca 1600 two tone cameo, set into a silver mount with small diamonds. The ring part is gold. Measurement […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient roman gold and banded agate intaglio ring. The intaglio is of an ant.The ring is ca second cent. A.D.



Ancient Greek gold ring

Ancient Greek gold ring , ca 350 B.C. Measurement of bezel : 18 mm in diameter



Large Roman intaglio ring

Large ancient Roman intaglio ring. The gem is ancient Roman depicting Nike godess of Victory. The 22 gold carat mount is later. The intaglio is […]



1580 armorial silver ring

Mid European armorial silver ring ca 1550-80. The bezel is engraved with a pelican , the sides of the ring is also engraved. Ring size […]



Ancient Roman silver ring

Late Roman silver ring, ca 300 A.D. The form and subject indita the period of the ring. The engraved bezel of a male bust is […]



Stuart Crystal mourning ring

Ca 1680 enamelled gold ring with a fazetted rock crystal bezel , covering golden braid monograms.Enamel on shoulders are frayed and part missing but in […]



Signet ring with folding “safe”key

“Heavy” gold signet ring inset with lapis. The ring has a folding jewellery safe key that folds out for use. Ring size:”P”


Micromosaic ring

Italian micromosaic gold  ring of two birds, ca 1810. The ring is marked with 18 ct French marks. Measurements of bezel: 34 x 19 mm […]



Sixteenth Century gold ring with rock crystal

Heavlly engraved Probably Italian ca 1540 gold ring with table cut rock crystal.



Sixteenth century silver gilt ring

Ca 1580 Mid European fire gilt silver ring, with painted rock crystal armorials Ring size: P= US7+3/4



Eighteenth century diamonds ring

English ca 1780 gold ring set wuth rose diamonds and small seed pearls. Measurements: 32 x 18 mm Ring size :”O”+1/2 = US 7+1/2



1600 gold posy ring

Antique gold ca 1600-1620 posy ring, filed to a shape and engraved inside with the sentiment ” Remember me ” 8 mm wide Ring size […]



Medieval gold stirrup ring

Medieval English gold ring ca 1350-1400. Universally called stirrup rings, but this name is a 19 th century description denoting the shape of the ring […]



Ottoman siver gilt archers ring

Ca, 1500 fire gilt silver gilt ring with engraved decoration. Turkey , Ottoman period ca 1500.



Ancient intaglio ring

Ancient carnelian intaglio in a high carat later ring. The image in a sea horse or hyppocampus,with a trident of Neptune. Measurements of bezel : […]



Armorial gold and lapis ring

Seal carved lapis lazuli and 18 carat gold ring.Ca 1860 Measurements of bezel:18 x 16 mm Ring size:”V”=US10+ 3/4



Ring with rose cut diamonds

Ca 1860 silver and gold ring set with rose cut diamonds. Measurement of bezel: 15 mm Ring size : “T”=US9+3/4



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman red jasper intaglio , ca second century A.D. in later 18 ct gold setting. Is of the Greek / Roman goddess Hecate She […]



Glass cameo ring of Morpheus

Antique 18 carat gold ring , ca 1800 Grand Tour probably Italian. The very high quality of the three layered “agate” glass cameo is of […]



Sixteenth century enamelled ring with emerald

English ca 1570-1590 gold ring , the back of the ring and the side of the setting is enamelled black. The box setting is holding […]



Sixteenth century gold ring

Antique gold ring Probably English ca 1550-70. The central bezel is engraved with a flower. No repar and none needed. Diameter of central bezel: 7.5 […]



Rare Roman merchant’s ring

Ancient red jasper intaglio of a food merchant/ inn keeper../. The intaglio is ca second century A.D. with a goat, a couldron, and an amphora […]



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio in late seventeenth century gold ring.The green jasper intaglio is of a head of an eagle on a column with Greek lettering […]



Eighteenth century diamond ring

Georgian silver and gold ring with diamonds. English ca 1760. Original condition. Ring size:”N” =US 7



Eleven century Kufic intaglio ring

Eleven century hard stone intaglio wuth Kufic lettering. Kufic is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts and consists of a modified form […]



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman niccolo intaglio of a Roman eagle. The setting is late 19 th century. Measurement of bezel: 15 x 11 mm Ring size : […]



Cameo ring

Ca 1680 shell cameo set in high carat pink gold ca 1780. The cameo is a double portrait of a male depicted as a Roman […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of the Imperial Eagle or Aquila. The carnelian intaglio is ca second century A.D. The high carat setting is “modern”…/ less than […]



Eighteenth Century Cameo ring

Antique cameo ring. The multy layered agate is cut away to show up the colour difference between the layers. The bust depicts Poseidon. Measurements of […]



Red jasper intaglio ring

Nineteenth century gold ring with a red jasper intaglio of a “reading philosopher” Late Grand Tour, ca 1840. The ring is hollow and there is […]



Eighteenth century garnet ring with diamonds

Ca 1740, English gold ring with a foiled garnet and two foiled diamonds on either side. Ring size:”J” + 1/2 = US 5+1/2



Memorial ring with ruby and diamonds

Eighteenth century memorial ring with a ruby in the middle and four diamonds around it. The shaped shank is engraved and with white enamel. The […]



Amethyst intaglio ring

“Large” amethyst intaglio ring, with Apollo. The intaglio is probably 1780 and the gold ring is ca 1840 Measurement of bezel: 24 x 18 mm



Medieval gold and sapphire ring

Cabochon / pebble cut / sapphire, English ca 1300 Size of bazel:11.5 mm Ring size: “M” = US6+1/2



Intaglio ring

Late eighteenth century banded agate intaglio ring. The intaglio is with a figure holding a butterfly on a leash, whith a snake in persuit…? Reference […]



Sixteenth century gold ring

Cast gold ring with enamel, and a garnet. Probably Spanish ca 1600. Measurement of bezel: 11.5 mm Ring size : “O” = US 7+ 1/4



18 cent. pink topaz and diamonds ring

English ca 1760 gold and silver ring with a pink topaz in the middle and diamonds around. Measurement of bezel : 16 x 14 mm […]



Antique sapphire ring

Antique ca 1880-1900 gold ring with pearls and a natural untreated sapphire.The shoulders are with 5 small rose cut diamonds. The measurement of the sapphire […]



1780 Ring with sailing ship

ca 1770-80 gold ring with sailing ship made of hair on vellum under glass. Could have been a sailors good by present…!? Some discolouration where […]



Eighteenth century diamond ring

Late eighteenth century diamond ring with 15 carat gold base , silver bezel with pave set diamonds. The ring is impressive in size.English ca 1780-90. […]



Late Roman intaglio ring

Ca 5th century Roman/Byzantine intaglio in later high carat gold setting.These late Roman /early Byzantine gems are much more rare than the second century carvings, […]



Chrysolite gold ring

Antique gold ring with chrysolite. Probably Portuguese ca 1780. Measurement of bezel:36 x 26 mm Ring size :”L” + 1/2 = US 6

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