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Antinous intaglio ring

Antinous intaglio ring - Image 1Antinous intaglio ring - Image 2Antinous intaglio ring - Image 3


Eighteenth century carnelian intaglio ca 1760 in high carat gold setting . The setting is mid 19 th century.

The measurement of the bezel:24.8 x 19.6 mm
Ring size :”Q” = US 8+1/4

Hadrian married in about AD 100, but we do not know much about the life of his wife and empress, Vibia Sabina. Sabina’s image was put on the official coinage and there are many statues of her.

Bust of Antinous However, ancient sources make it very clear that Hadrian formed a homosexual relationship with a young Greek male called Antinous. Homosexual relationships were not considered unusual in ancient Rome, but the intensity with which Hadrian mourned Antinous’ premature death was without precedent.

A Roman man was free to choose sexual partners of either gender and there is no word for homosexuality in Latin. As long as he remained the active partner in any sexual encounter, his masculinity was not in question. Romans believed that men should always be dominant, both socially and sexuallThe Warren Cupy. A concept of sexual transgression, defined by the term stuprum, did exist. However, this only included sexual relationships between adult male citizens or relationships with other citizen men’s wives, which were considered unacceptable.

Hadrian visited Egypt in AD 130 along with the imperial entourage, including his wife and Antinous. They embarked on a voyage up the River Nile and on 24 October Antinous drowned in the river, on the same day the locals were commemorating the death, by drowning in the Nile, of the Egyptian god Osiris.

Although Hadrian maintained Antinous’ death was an accident, malicious rumours soon spread. Some thought he had committed suicide or that he had been sacrificed. Others claimed Antinous sacrificed himself to prolong the life of the emperor.

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