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Pair of Spanish 1680 earring with table cut diamonds

Pair of high cara gold rings ca 1680 from Spain set with table cut diamonds



Glass intaglio in 1860 gold mount

High quality cut glass intaglio in antique ca 1860 gold mount



Early eighteenth century double portrait

Ca 1740 antique double portrait of Octavian and Anthony in ca 1740 gold mount Measurements : 18.5 x 16.5 mm



Antique gold necklace with 24 niccolo intaglios

Antique gold necklace with 24 “niccolo” / two layered onyx / intaglios. England ca 1820. The images of the intaglios are of animals ; hunting […]



Ca 1900 Essex crystal brooch with diamonds

Ca 1900 gold brooch with Essex crystal, set with diamonds and synthetic rubies



Gold demi parure in original box

Antique gold demi parure ca 1860 in ancient revival style in original red leather box.



Gold pendant with topaz, sapphire, opal, diamonds etc

Enamelled gold pendant with sapphires, opals, topaz, Probably Russian or Vienna ca 1890



Gold memorial ring with hair and diamonds

Ca 1790-1800 gold memorial ring with diamonds and pleated hair.



Amethyst and pearl demi parure

Ca 1800 gold and pearls demi parure in original red leather box.



Eugene Fontenay enamelled gold brooch

Ca 1880 Paris enamelled gold brooch by Eugene Fontenay, Parisian jeweller creating highly refined gold jewellery in the Historical revival style, for amongst others Eugenie […]



Masriera gold pendant

Gold pendant with plaque a jour ename, one diamond and a ruby. Ca 1900



1770 amethyst Giardinetti ring

Ca 1770-1780 gold ring with amethyst intaglio of a basket of flowers. Ring size : Q+1/2



Ancient Roman intaglio of Mars

Ancient ca 1 st century AD niccolo intaglio ring of Mars in later 22 carat gold ring Ring size : “O” + 1/2



Seventeenth century Gryllus intaglio

Ca 1660 carnelian Gryllus intaglio in late eighteenth century gold ring. Ring size : J



ca 1600 jasper intaglio of Dionysus

Ca 1800 gold ring with a jasper intaglio of Dionysus.



Ca 700 AD migration period gold ring

Migration era gold ring Ca 600 AD. with pyramid shaped garnet



Ca 1800 gold ring with chrysolite and tourmaline

Portuguese ca 1800 gold ring set with chrysolite and tourmaline. The ring might be conversion from a brooch.



Antique gold and coral dolphin brooch

Probably French ca 1860 gold mounted dolphin as a brooch, set with small rose cut diamonds in original box Measurements : 60 mm long



Ca 1810 three coloured gold pendant

French ca 1810 three coloured gold pendant / yellow, pink and green gold / with mirror and original engraved inscription on the back ” Offrez-moi […]



ca 1880 French “dragon ” brooch

French ca 1880 high carat gold brooch with a dragon Measurements : 32 mm Weight : 22.4 gram



Antique gold brooch with turquoise

Ca 1880 French gold brooch with turquoise and diamonds and saphires. Measurements : 39 x 34.5 mm SOLD



Nautical signal flag brooch

Nautical signal flag brooch in yellow gold and platinum, with diamonds, topaz and sapphires Measurements : 40 mm



Seventeenth century enamelled pendant

Probably Italian Ca 1660 enamelled gold pendant with garnets. Measurements : 35 vx 26 mm SOLD



Silver merchants ring

ca 1640 silver merchants ring of a Cooper Bezel : 18 x 13 mm ring size : T



1920 gold brooch with diamonds, onyx, and rock crystal

Ca 1920 gold brooch with Chanel set onyx and diamonds, and sand blast rock crystal. Measurements: 52 mm horizontal



Pair of carved garnet and gold earrings

Pair of gold earrings, with carved garnets. Measurements : 34 mm vertical SOLD



1860 amethyst and diamond ring

Antique gold and silver ring ca 1860 . The bezel is set with an amethyst -foiled- and surrounded with rose cut diamonds. Ring size : […]



1600 gold cross with diamonds and rubies

Ca 1600 gold cross set with table cut diamonds and rubies. Measurements : 38 x 26 mm



Pilgrim Token ca 1500 of John the Baptist

Ca 1450-1500 small pilgrim’s token of the head of John the Baptist on a plate. Pilgrim badges are decorations worn by some of those who […]



Seventeenth century garnet cameo ring of Mary

Ca. 1600 Garnet cameo of the Holy Virgin in a diamond set gold ring. Measurements of the cameo 14 x 10 mm Measurements of bezel […]



“Large” coral cameo brooch of a Maenad

Large coral cameo of a Maenad with grapes in her hair, in high carat gold mount. Italy ca 1820 Measurements : 50 mm x 45 […]



Eighteenth century silver and paste heart with miniature

Eighteenth century silver heart with a paste border. The miniature is about the fire of love … English ca 1780 Measurements : 30 x 30 […]



Medieval gilt bronze eagle with glass

Medieval ca 1200 fire gilt bronze eagle as a pendant with a cabochon glass embellishment in the middle . The pendant have had a chain […]



Ca 1600 enamelled gold cross

Ca 1600 gold cross with enamel and three natural pearls. The cross is engraved with the “tools” of the cruzificton. Measurements : 35 x 20 […]



Ca 1600 gold POSY ring

Ca 1600 engraved gold posy ring . The engraved ring was enamelled but only a very small part of the ring is still having any […]



Diamond set “leaf” brooch

Leaf shaped black oxidised silver brooch with diamonds. Measurements : 45 x 45 mm



Silver watch case in shape of a skull

Ca 1830 French watch in a silver watch case, together with the original watch chain. Diameter of the face of the watch : 26 mm



Moonstone cameo stickpin with diamonds

Moonstone cameo of Piero stickpin with diamonds and a small ruby. The highly three dimentional carving with an enamelled / black / cap. Hallmark French […]



Agate intaglio of Hercules in eighteenth century setting

A hexagonal agate intaglio depicting Hercules and the giant Cacus ./See The Labours of Hercules / The intaglio is probably ca 1680 and the gold […]



Set of 8 gold buttons with enamel

Ca 1760 antique gold buttons with goldstone, enamelled rosette and pearls. Diameter: 10 mm



Pair of silver mounted cowrie shell salts

Pair of unmarked silver mounted cowrie shell salts. England ca 1790. Measurements : 80 x 65 mm. height : 48 mm



Ca 1790 tortoise shell box with carnelian cameo

Ca 1790 tortoise shell box with a lift off lid containing a carnelian cameo set into high carat gold. Measurements : Diameter of box 75 […]



Ancient Greek gold ring

Ancient Greek , ca. 400 B.C. gold ring with engraved bezel Measurements : bezel : 14 x 10 mm Ring size : “D” Weight : […]



Sixteenth century gold ring with sapphires

English ca 1550 gold ring with sapphires. Ring size : “H”



Black onyx cameo brooch

Ca 1800 black and white onyx cameo of a Maenad with Eros. Measurements : 32 x 22 mm



Eighteenth century memorial ring

Dated 1787 gold memorial ring with a painted miniature under glass Measurements : 30 x 19 mm Ring size : “O” + 1/2



Essex crystal set

English ca 1870 Essex. crystal in high carat gold set of a pendant and a pair of earrings in the original box.



Antique silver beaker from Augsburg

Tall partially gilt silver beaker fully hallmarked on the underside. Augsburg town mark with the date letter for 1732-37 and the makers mark of Friderick […]



Micromosaic necklace

Italian ca 1820 glass and micro mosaic necklace in 18 carat gold setting.



Georgian brooch with rose cut diamonds

English ca 1840 silver and gold brooch set with rose diamonds Measurements 57 x 30 mm



Eighteenth century Portuguese brooch

Portuguese ca 1760 silver brooch set with topaz and rose cut diamonds Measurements : 55 x 55 mm



Battle of Trafalgar pendant

Gilt metal pendant with painted miniature of the Battle of Trafalgar. The obverse side is of a portrait of Emma Hamilton. Measurements : 55 x […]



Gold ring with natural pearls and diamonds

Antique gold ring, probably French ca 1840 set with full cut diamonds and two natural pearls Ring size Q+1/2



Pair of eighteenth century earrings

Pair of eighteenth century Portuguese earrings in silver, set with foiled rock crystal. Measurements : 80 mm vertical



Pair of seventeenth century Spanish earrings with emeralds

Pair of seventeenth century gold earrings set with Colombian emeralds Measurements : 55 x 35 mm



Portuguese Order of Christ Silver and diamonds

Large Portuguese military order “Ordine Supremo del Christo “. Large silver cross with garnets and diamonds, in original tooled red leather box Measurements : 95 […]



Emerald and diamond necklace

Seventeenth century Spanish gold pendant with diamonds and rubies and emeralds, extended later with a gold chain set with emeralds Length of chain 42 cm



Pink topaz ring with diamonds

Eighteenth century pink topaz gold ring with diamonds. Ring size : “I”



Gold crown with rubies sapphires diamonds and pearls

Small crown gold brooch with rubies, sapphires diamonds and pearls Dimensions : 36 mm x 23 mm



Hair memorial ring

ca 1810 memorial gold and silver ring, the bezel with lock of hair with a diamond surround. The diamonds are vibrant and clear, largest ca […]

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