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1800 cameo brooch

Ca 1800 gold mounted cameo of Alexander the Great.



Gold bracelet with pink topaz and peridot

Ca 1880 gold bracelet with pink topaz and peridot and diamonds



Eighteenths century Pink topaz ring with diamonds

Late eighteenth century gold ring with pink topaz and diamonds Ring size : N+1/2



Seventeenth century gold cross

Ca 1650 gold cross with emeralds and enamelled back Measurements : 35 mm vertical



Pair of antique earrings with Maltese cross

Pair of antique earrings with emeralds and pearls. With white enamelled Maltese cross. Measurements : 60 mm vertical



Antique two coloured gold brooch

French ca 1820 two coloured gold brooch with amethyst, aquamarine, Imperial topaz, garnets and emeralds Measurements : 75 mm x 50 mm



Antique gold butterfly brooch

English ca 1880 gold butterfly brooch set with small rose diamonds and rubies and a peridot Measurements : 35 x 20 mm



Banded agate brooch

“Large” banded agate gold brooch with enamelled frame set with rose cut diamonds and pearls Measurements : 36 mm diameter



Amethyst brooch with diamonds

Amethyst and diamond brooch in original box Measurements : 34 x26 mm



Pair of Essex crystal gold earrings

Pair of gold mounted Essex crystal earrings . England ca 1880. Measurements : 26 mm drop / including earwire /



Large garnet brooch with diamonds

Antique large hollowed out garnet drop with diamond set silver surround. French ? ca 1860 Measurements : 50 x 30 mm



Nineteenth cent. gold brooch

In original gold box, late nineteenth cent gold brooch with small diamonds and a sapphire Measurenets : 57 x 30 mm



Antique 15 ct ring with pearls

Antique gold ring with with small pearls



Pair of Art Deco earrings with diamonds

Pair of white gold ca 1940 late Art Deco earrings with diamonds Measurements; 26 mm diameter of discs. 45 mm in drop



Pair of 18 century earrings

Pair of antique eighteenth century silver earrings, set with diamonds and turquoise Probably Portugal ca 1750-60 Measurements : 44×29 mm



Revival gold brooch with peridot

Renaissance revival gold brooch with enamel and peridot



MIcro mosaic gold pendant

Italian ca 1860 gold mounted micro mosaic pendant



Certified colour change sapphire ring

Platinum mounted certified natural colour change sapphire ring, the shoulders are set with diamonds



Pair of pink topaz earrings

Pair of gold earrings ca 1810-20 set with pink topaz and aquamarine



Pair of coral earrings

Pair of gold mounted coal earrings. Italian ca 1820. The coral drops are faceted



French 1860 gold brooch

French ca 1860 gold dragonfly brooch set with diamonds and rubies



Topaz and diamonds ring

Late eighteenth century gold ring with topaz and diamonds



Coral brooch

Ca 1840 gold mounted carved coral brooch.



Pair of Spanish earrings with emeralds

Pair of late seventeenth century gold earrings with emeralds



1930 diamond brooch

1930 diamond brooch with cut onyx Measurements :50 x 32 mm



Diamond and glass brooch

Ca 1790 large button converted into a brooch. With diamonds and ruby glass and Bristol glass Diameter : 35 mm



Pair of eighteenth century earrings with diamonds

Pair of eighteenth century silver earrings set with diamonds Measurements;39mm



Historic bracelet

A “historic” silver and gold bracelet set with rubies. The bracelet has six segments with engraved and pierced monograms , two of the monograms ar […]



Sixteenth century cameo ring

Ca 1600 hessonite garnet cameo in early 19 th century gold ring set with pearls



Etruscan revival cameo pendant and chain

Ca 1860 22 carat gold Etruscan revival gold pendant with early eighteenth century agate cameowijh original “hand woven” gold chain



Egyptian revival brooch with pearl

Ca 1860 French Egyptian revival gold brooch with large natural pearl



Pair of gold earrings

Pair of gold earrings ca 1840



Gold articulated snake bracelet

Ca 1860 articulated gold bracelet with turquoise.



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring , with a second century “niccolo” / onyx / of Serapis in later high carat gold ring



Brooch with natural pearls and diamonds

Ca 1860 gold brooch with natural Pearls and diamonds



Ate Deco ca 1930 platinum brooch

French platinum brooch with carved onyx ad diamonds



Carved coral pendant

Antique coral pendant from Italy ca 1840 Measurements : 64 mm



French porcelain patch box

French ca 1780 porcelain patch box in the shape of a masked Lady.



Medieval silver ring

ca 1350-1400 European, probably French medieval silver ring with engraved portrait.



Seventeenth century gold pendant

Ca 1660 gold pendant with double sided enamel of Mary and Christ, set with table cut diamonds Measurements : 65 x 48 mm



Topaz brooch

Portuguese ca 1790 gold brooch with topaz. Measurements:40 mm in diameter



Portuguese topaz brooch

Portuguese ca 1780 silver brooch with foiled topaz. Measurements : 39 mm



1730 gold box

English ca1730 rococo gold box with green blood stone body. Measurements:44 x 40 x 9 mm



Enamelled gold box

Probably Italian enamelled gold box ca 1820. Measurements :25 mm in diameter



Ancient EYE bead ring

An ancient eye bead in later ca 1820 gold setting. Eye beads were as apotropaic “medicine” or protective amulets against the evil eye. Ring size […]



Ancient intaglio ring

Ancient intaglio in conical banded agate with the “table” engraved with the letters “POY”..? The intaglio is ca 100 A.D. and the high carat gold […]



Ancient Media cameo ring

Ancient Medusa cameo ca 200 A.D. in later hight carat gold setting. Measurements of bezel 15 x 13.5 mm Ring size : T



1790 gold portrait ring

Ca 1790-1800 rose gold portrait ring. The portrait is oil painted. Measurements : 35 x 24 mm Ring size : T+1/2



Egyptian revival gold bracelet

Ca 1860 probably French Egyptian revival gold bracelet with some original ancient scarabs and some later ones in blood stone and carnelian Length : 18 […]



Sixteenth century enamelled gold plaque

Italian ca 1550 enamelled and engraved gold plaque.



ca 1820 gold locket with topaz

Probably English ca 1820 gold locket with topaz frame Measure of square: 38 x 32 mm Measurements of drop : 80 mm



1820 cameo brooch

Ca 1820-40 gold mounted cameo brooch. All three cameos are hard stone, agate gems. Measurements: 42 x 24 mm



Pair of seventeenth century Spanish earrings

Pair of ca 1660 Spanish gold earrings set with rose diamonds, original fittings. Measurements: 35 vertical



French gold pendant with Marie Antoinette miniature

French ca 1830 gold pendant with an image of Marie Antoinette and with an engraved bloodstone plaque on the obverse side



Portuguese silver cross with cut garnets

Ca 1840 silver Portuguese “Order of Christ” cross with cut garnets and white paste. Measurements : 6×4 cm



Pair of Spanish 1680 earring with table cut diamonds

Pair of high cara gold rings ca 1680 from Spain set with table cut diamonds



Glass intaglio in 1860 gold mount

High quality cut glass intaglio in antique ca 1860 gold mount



Early eighteenth century double portrait

Ca 1740 antique double portrait of Octavian and Anthony in ca 1740 gold mount Measurements : 18.5 x 16.5 mm



Antique gold necklace with 24 niccolo intaglios

Antique gold necklace with 24 “niccolo” / two layered onyx / intaglios. England ca 1820. The images of the intaglios are of animals ; hunting […]



Ca 1900 Essex crystal brooch with diamonds

Ca 1900 gold brooch with Essex crystal, set with diamonds and synthetic rubies

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