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Holbeinesque enamelled gold pendant

Tweet Pin It English ca 1870 “Holbeinesque” enamelled gold pendant with rubies and small diamonds, with small locket in the back. Measurements : 68 mm […]



Eighteenth century paste flower brooch

Tweet Pin It Ca 1780 silver and foiled paste flower brooch. Measurements : 44 mm diameter



Pietra dura gold brooch

Tweet Pin It French hallmarked gold brooch with fine pietra dura panel.Ca 18640-60 . The back is with a glass panel acting as a locket. […]



Ancient carnelian intaglio in 1860 gold stick pin

Tweet Pin It Ancient carnelian intaglio of Nike in high carat gold stick pin ca 1840-60



Archeological revival silver and gold brooch

Tweet Pin It Ca 1880 French silver and gold “archeological revival brooch. The French hallmarks are on the main body and pin. The silver helmeted […]



Pair of eighteenth century paste earrings

Tweet Pin It Eighteenth century , ca 1760 Portuguese silver and paste earrings, with later added gold earwires. The blue foiled top and drops give […]



Pair of coral earrings

Tweet Pin It Pair of carved coral earrings, probably Italian Grand Tour, ca 1820-30. Measuements; 5 cm drop

Enameled portrait in gold frame


Enameled portrait in gold frame

Tweet Pin It Ca 1690-1700 enameled portrait of a gentleman, in original gold frame.Probably English. Measurement of frame without the embellished loop 31 x 27 […]

Order of Christ


Order of Christ

Tweet Pin It Ca 1800 silver, garnet, and white paste order of Christ, a Portuguese order. Measurements:48 x 28 mm



Etruscan revival gold bangle with scarab

Tweet Pin It Ca 1880 Etruscan revival gold bangle with engraved carnelian scarab in swivel setting. Probably Rome ca1880.



Pair of enamelled earrings with small diamonds

Tweet Pin It Pair of circular gold earrngs with enamel and small diamonds



1810 gold necklace

Tweet Pin It Probably English ca 1810 gold necklace with enamelled terminals set with tiny diamonds and some small natural pearls



Large aquamarine pendant

Tweet Pin It Large aquamorine pendant in ca 1840 gold setting Measurements : 28 x 22 mm



Platinum brooch with diamonds and sapphires

Tweet Pin It Unmarked , probably French ca 1940 hand made / not a casting / platinum brooch set with ca 6 ct of diamonds […]



1820 gold necklace with foiled amethysts

Tweet Pin It English ca 1820 high carat gold necklace with foiled amethysts, in fitted box.



Byzantine silver pendant

Tweet Pin It Ca 800 A.D. Byzantine silver pendant Measurements : 27 mm in vertical including the loop



Eighteenth century paste brooch.

Tweet Pin It English enamelled paste brooch in silver. Ca 1780.

French Art Nouveau gold cufflinks


French Art Nouveau gold cufflinks

Tweet Pin It Pair of gold cuff links, French ca 1900 in the Art Nouveau style. Hall marked on each main link.

Ancient Roman gold earrings


Ancient Roman gold earrings

Tweet Pin It Pair of ancient ca 300 A.D. gold earrings with original amethyst beads. The hoops are hollow in construction. Length of earrings:39 mm



1820 gold necklace with amethysts and topaz

Tweet Pin It English ca 1820 gold nacklace with foiled amethysts and topaz in original box.

Cameo necklace


Cameo necklace

Tweet Pin It Four hard stone red agate set in 15 carat gold necklace , English ca 1800. Classical revival.Original chain and clasp. Measurement of […]

Devotional silver pendant


Devotional silver pendant

Tweet Pin It Fire gilt devotional silver pendant. Probably pert of a rosary. Dated 1665. German.



Eighteenth century paste brooch

Tweet Pin It Eighteenth century English crescent shaped silver and paste brooch. Diameter:48 mm



Italian micro mosaic pendant

Tweet Pin It Ca 1870 Italian gold pendant with inlaid micro mosaic. Signed on the back with the name “Carli”.



Love themed diamond set brooch

Tweet Pin It Ca 1880 enamelled gold brooch set with rose cut diamonds. The center part of the brooch is with a diamod set torch […]



French enamelled gold pendant

Tweet Pin It French ca 1890 enamelled gold pendant with diamonds and with the original chain.The rose cut diamonds ae pierced out in the back.



Turquoise snake brooch

Tweet Pin It Antique gold brooch ca 1820-30 set with turquoise with gold set ruby eyes. Snakes were very popular from the end of the […]



enamelled brooch

Tweet Pin It enamelled high carat brooch with diamonds. Probabaly French ca 1880. Length : 60 mm



Aventurine “Orientalist” pendant

Tweet Pin It Ca 1920 -30 “Oriental revival” carved aventurine head with enamelled gold loop. Probably by Cartier or Fouquet of Paris Measuremens of full […]



Diamond bow

Tweet Pin It Ca 1860, probably French silver and gold diamond set bow brooch. Measurements : 61 mm x 52 mm



18th century St. Jerome silver gilt reliquary.

Tweet Pin It A fine first quarter 18th century silver gilt reliquary, engraved with the arms of pope Benedict XIII Orsini (1724-1730) and containing a […]



French enamelled brooch

Tweet Pin It Marked ca 1900 French enamelled brooch with natural pearl. Measurements : 41x 39 mm



Amber necklace

Tweet Pin It Fazetted tapering amber bead necklace ca 1840-60 Length : 65 cm



Eighteenth century topaz set

Tweet Pin It Ca 1760-70 Portuguese silver and gold pandant and earrings in original tooled leather box, set with topaz and diamonds. Measurements of pendant […]



1820 gold heart with butterfly

Tweet Pin It English ca 1820 cannetille work gold hart with small rubies , emeralds and pearls.The back of the heart is with a locket […]



Roman cameo pendant

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman ca 400 A.D. cameo gold pendant. Measurement : the disc without the loop 25 mm x 25 mm



Archeological revival set

Tweet Pin It Ca 1860 hallmarked Rome gold and amethyst pendant and matching earrings in original fitted box. Measurements of pendant : 80 mm drop […]



Egyptian revival brooch

Tweet Pin It Egyptian revival brooch with enamel and small rose cut diamonds. Probably French ca 1880 Measurements : 50 x 42 mm



1780 Garnet pendant

Tweet Pin It English ca 1780 silver pendant, set with foiled garnets. The back is with later brooch fitting. Dimensions :64 mm in drop



Iberian seventeenth century pendant with emeralds

Tweet Pin It Ca 1680 Spanish high carat pendant with diamonds and very good quality emeralds. Measurements : 50 mm drop



Plique ajur and diamonds brooch

Tweet Pin It French ca 1880 gold and plique ajur brooch. The central panel is surrounded by small rose cut diamonds. Measurements: 29 x 26 […]



Brooch with amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and pink topaz and diamonds

Tweet Pin It UNmarked probab;ly English silver and gold brooch with amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and pink topaz. The sides of the petals are set with […]



Enamelled gold brooc/locket with diamonds

Tweet Pin It Nineteenth century unmarked gold locket ca 1870 probably Russian with applied silver decorations set with diamonds. The central monogramm is CG or […]



Collection of seventeenth century heart pendants

Tweet Pin It Collection of seven agate, serpentine and coral heart shaped amulets with silver mounts. The coral heart is eighteeth century and is with […]



Etruscan revival enamelled gold brooch.

Tweet Pin It Large Etruscan revival enamelled gold brooch with an ancient Roman silver coin in the middle. Probably French ca 1870. Diameter : 68 […]



Pair of paste earrings

Tweet Pin It Pair of eighteenth century foiled silver and paste earrings with later gold ear wire Drop : 35 mm



Seventeenth century red jasper “amulet”

Tweet Pin It Ca 1680 English silver mounted red jasper heart shaped amulet pendant. Measurements : 38 x 23 mm



Large gold framed shell cameo

Tweet Pin It Large / 83 mm x 67 mm / shell cameo brooch. The cameo and gold frame is ca. 1860.

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