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1790 en grisaille miniature gold pendant

“Large”en grisaille miniature gold painting of love with lock of hair on opaline glass with pearls on the other side. English ca 1790



Enamelled gold brooch with diamonds

Gold brooch ca 1820 with blue and white enamel and rose diamond set silver hearts in the middle Measurements : 40 x 25 mm



Victorian gold brooch with pearls

Ca 1840-50 gold brooch with pearls and diamonds Length : 82 mm



Pair of earrings

Pair of earrings ca 1820 with chalcedony and gold and turquoise Measurement of drop: 73 mm



Edwardian platinum pin with emeralds

Ca 1900 platinum brooch with Colombian emeralds and old cut diamonds. Length of brooch : 52 mm



French pietra dura brooch

“Large” / 52 mm in diameter / pietra dura in gold mount. Marked with 19 century French marks on brooch and pin. In its original […]



Coral set

Italian ca 1840 high carat gold and coral brooch and matching earrings as a set in original fitted box. Coral was one of the mainstay […]



Art Deco brooch

Ca 1930 unmarked white gold brooch set with diamonds and an onyx hull. The brooch is in it’s original box by Asprey of London.



Ancient Roman gold moon pendant

Ca 200 A.D. gold half moon amulet pendant Measurements : horizontal : 23 mm Vertical : 25 mm



Pink topaz cross

Ca 1860-80 gold cross set with 11 pink topaz. Measurements : 55 mm x 40 mm



eighteenth century glass and cut steel pendant

Ca 1780 English cut steel and glass pendant. Vertical; 70 mm



Seventeenth century enamelled gold brooch

Ca 1640-60 enamelled gold brooch with rubies. Length : 62 mm



Brooch with natural pearls and diamonds

Gold brooch ca 1920 with diamonds and 6 “large” natural pearls. Measurement of brooch : 70 mm



Diamond cluster ring

Antique diamond ring with flower pattern diamond set bezel. Ca 1880. Ring size : N+1/2



Cameo brooch

Ca 1860 gold brooch with a three layered agate cameo. The cameo is probably ca 1800 Measurement of brooch : 48 x 40 mm Measurement […]



Gold brooch with emeralds and diamonds

Probably French ca 1840 gold and silver brooch set with gem quality Colombian emeralds and diamonds. Measurements of brooch : 55 x 45 mm



Renaissance revival enamelled gold pendant

Ca 1870 Renaissance revival French enamelled gold pendant with pearls. the letter capital H is a reference for King Henry the II.



Diamond set heart pendant

French ca 1860 pendant, set with diamonds and tourmaline



The “Doge’s hat” in gold and set with rubies

Small brooch set with full cut “Burma” rubies in the shape of the Doge’s hat of Venice



Medusa cameo brooch

Probably seventeenth century hard stone cameo of Medusa. The gold frame with emeralds and diamonds is ca 1880, and probably Italian. Measurements : 44 x […]



French ca 1890 Plique a jour brooch with diamonds

Owl head brooch in gold and silver with plique a jour enamel and diamond eyes. French ca 1890 with punched registration marks.



Agate cameo brooch with rubies

Ca 1820 hard stone cameo brooch in a gold frame with foiled rubies .



Archeological revival brooch and earrings

Ca 1860 archeological revival gold brooch with “Etruscan” type of gold granulation and with original glazed Egyptian faience scarabs.



Eighteenth century intaglio in enamelled gold frame

Eighteenth century carnelian intaglio ,probably depicting Helen of Troy. The intaglio is ca 1760 and the enamelled gold frame in a Renaissance revival style is […]



Ca 1900 gold bracelet with sapphires

18 carat gold bracelet with sapphires, in fitted original box by Boucheron. The bracelet is marked with French marks but no makers mark.



Cameo brooch in diamond set frame

Two layered hard stone cameo of a Maenad and Eros in a diamond set frame. French ca 1820 Measurements :28.5 mm x 25.5 mm



Platinum and coloured natural pearl brooch

Platinum brooch ca 1910 with different coloured natural pearls. The brooch has n alternative pendant fitting as well. Certificate of pearls is available. Measurements : […]



Italian micro mosaic pendant

Italian micro mosaic gold pendant.



Platinum and emerald pendant

Ca 1920 platinum pendant set with emeralds and diamond , with platinum chain



Platinum brooch with diamonds and natural pearls

Platinum brooch ca 1930 with diamonds and different coloured natural pearls. Measurements : 49 x 49 mm



Jasper cameo bracelet

Ca 1860 gold bracelet with eight two layered jasper cameos. The bracelet is hallmarked with Vienna gold marks. Smallest bezel: 22×18 mm….Largest bezel ; 29×21 […]



Enamelled silver brooch by Rudolphi

Enamelled silver brooch in the Historical revival style by the famous Paris jeweller Frederick Jules Rudolphi. The box is with the address of 23 Boulevard […]



Pair of silver and diamonds earrings

Pair of ca 1800 probably Portuguese silver earrings set with diamonds Measurements : 85 mm vertical



Pair of micro mosaic earrings

Pair of gold Italian ca 1810 earrings with inlaid micro mosaic. Measurements : 35 mm vertical



Amethyst necklace in original box 1810

Amethyst and gold necklace , French ca 1810 in original box. Length : 40 cm



1860 gold brooch with diamonds emeralds and rubies

Probably French gold brooch with diamonds rubies and emeralds Measurements : 55 x 58 mm



Natural pearls bow brooch

Edwardian ca 1900 platinum brooch with natural Pearls and diamonds Measurements : 65 x 30 mm



Eighteenth century paste pendant

Probably Portuguese silver pendant with paste Measurements : 70 x 65 mm



Small “historismus” brooch

Small antique enamelled gold brooch with rubies and emerald. Probably Italian ca 1860 Measurements : 28 x 18 mm



Enamelled gold chain

Gold chain ca 1860, probably French with enamelled links. 77 cm long and 37 gram in weight



Seventeenth century Portuguese pendant with emeralds

Late seventeenth century Portuguese gold pendant with table cut emeralds Measurements : 60 mm x 30 mm



Seventeenth century Portuguese pendant

Ca 1660-80 Portuguese gold pendant with diamonds and emeralds Measurements : 64 mm drop



Gold mounted micro mosaic brooch

Very unusual Ca 1860 Italian gold mounted micro mosaic brooch, probably by Castellani. Measurement: 30 mm diameter



Brooch with carved Mughal emerald and diamonds

Antique ca 1840 French gold brooch in shape of a sward with carved Mughal emerald with diamonds and pearls



1680 Spanish gold cross with diamonds

Ca 1660-70 antique gold cross, Spanish, with rose cut diamonds. Measurements : 60 mm x 35 mm



Set of 12 gold buttons ca 1700

Set of ca 1680-1700 gold buttons, set with rose cut diamonds and rose cut amethysts. Diameter : 13.2 mm



Antique gold locket with enamel plaque

English ca 1830-40 gold locket with enamelled plaque



Micromosaic ring

Ca 1820 antique gold mounted micro mosaic ring



Portuguese demi parure

Ca 1760-70 antique Portuguese silver brooch/pendant and pair of earrings demi parure, set with topaz and rose diamonds in original tooled leather box



Castellani mosaic brooch

Antique gold mosaic brooch . The black mosaic is inlaid with Greek letters spell ion out Light Life. The brooch is signed by Castellani.



Seventeenth century silver reliquary with emeralds and diamonds

Probably Italian ca 1650 silver reliquary set with diamonds and emeralds. The reliquary contains a Saints bone reliquary. The back of the reliquary is beautifully […]



Pair of 1760 silver earrings with diamonds and pearls

Pair of silver and gold earrings ca 1760 probably Portuguese set with rose cut diamonds. each earring has three natural pearls hanging.



Portuguese topaz set

Late eighteenth century silver parur including, necklace, earrings, brooch/pendant, ring. Portuguese ca 1780 in original box



Enamelled pendant by Masriera

Gold locket with pique a jour enamel, and diamonds and sapphires. Dated on the back 1905. Probably by Louis Masriera of Barcelona.



1840 gold chain with emeralds and rubies and pearls

Gold chain ca 1840 with emerald and ruby beads and natural pearls Total lengths : 165 cm



1820 topaz necklace

Ca 1820 gold necklace with yellow topaz and pink topaz and diamonds and emeralds. The original chain is also set with amethysts and rubies and […]



Pinchbeck bracelet with enamelled portrait

ca 1800 pinchbeck bracelet with enamelled portrait with beautiful vibrant coloures Measurements of portrait : 38 x 31 mm Length of bracelet : 17.5 cm



Fifteenth century gold ring from Al-Andalus

Ca 1450 gold ring from Al-Andalus, with Kufic style engraving.



Gold framed rock crystal reliquary

Octagonal rock crystal reliquary in gold frame, ca 1600. The relic is of St Lucas. Measurements : 50 x 35 mm



1810 gold brooch with diamonds and rubies

Antique gold brooch ca 1810 set with rubies and diamonds Measurements : 31 mm in diameter

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