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1720-40 paste with pearls

Ca 1720-4- English silver and paste dress ornament, originally used as a slide, with three later added cultured pearl drops on gold hooks. Measurements : […]



Gold cross with garnets and diamonds

“Large” gold cross with garnets and diamonds Ca 1840 Measurements; 73 mm



Egyptian revival pendant

Probably French ca 1860-7- enamelled gold pendant with a carved carnelian head of the Pharaoh. Measurements : 23 mm without the counterloop



Seventeenth century Portuguese brooch/pendant

Ca 1680 Portuguese large gold pendant set with rose cut diamonds. Measurements : 96 mm vertical



Eighteenth century paste riviere

Gold and silver riviere with green and white paste. English ca 1770 Length : 37 cm



Portuguese silver and topaz brooch

Ca 1740-60 Portuguese silver mounted topaz brooch.as a bunch of flowers. Silver brooch fittings are later. Measurements : 55 mm vertical



Coral necklace

Italian ca 1820 coral necklace.68 cm long, with original gold catch.7 “terminals” carved as acorns. 6 strands of small “spinecarved” coral beads run into each […]



Etruscan revival pendant

High carat gold Etruscan revival pendant with coloured pearls. Signed on the back “Marchesini” Florance, Rome. Castellani made very similar cros/pendants set with rubies Measurements […]



Enamelled an gemset gold bracelet

Ca 1730 enamelled and gemset bracelet. The four panels are set with rubies and emeralds and enamelled. The square sections are connected with gold chains.



Egyptian revival brooch

Egyptian revival brooch with enamel and small rose cut diamonds. Probably French ca 1880 Measurements : 50 x 42 mm



Arheological revival gold brooch with ancient agate bead

“Large” Ca 1860 gold brooch in the Archeological Revival style. The Etruscan style gold work is set with an original ancient agate bead. The bead […]



1780 Garnet pendant

English ca 1780 silver pendant, set with foiled garnets. The back is with later brooch fitting. Dimensions :64 mm in drop



Plique ajur and diamonds brooch

French ca 1880 gold and plique ajur brooch. The central panel is surrounded by small rose cut diamonds. Measurements: 29 x 26 mm



Brooch with amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and pink topaz and diamonds

UNmarked probab;ly English silver and gold brooch with amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and pink topaz. The sides of the petals are set with small rose cut […]



Enamelled gold brooc/locket with diamonds

Nineteenth century unmarked gold locket ca 1870 probably Russian with applied silver decorations set with diamonds. The central monogramm is CG or CC or GC […]



Collection of seventeenth century heart pendants

Collection of seven agate, serpentine and coral heart shaped amulets with silver mounts. The coral heart is eighteeth century and is with the original gold […]



Etruscan revival enamelled gold brooch.

Large Etruscan revival enamelled gold brooch with an ancient Roman silver coin in the middle. Probably French ca 1870. Diameter : 68 x 85 mm



Pair of paste earrings

Pair of eighteenth century foiled silver and paste earrings with later gold ear wire Drop : 35 mm



Seventeenth century red jasper “amulet”

Ca 1680 English silver mounted red jasper heart shaped amulet pendant. Measurements : 38 x 23 mm



Large gold framed shell cameo

Large / 83 mm x 67 mm / shell cameo brooch. The cameo and gold frame is ca. 1860.



Pair of eighteenth century diamond earrings

Pair of silver earrings set with foiled rose diamonds. English ca 1760-70 Measurements Drop : 36 mm width : 19 mm



Pair of gold earrings with Persian miniatures

Pair of 15 carat earrings . The earrings are each have four sections. Flat hollow box construction. The gold parts are engraved. Both earrings are […]



Portuguese order of Christ cross in silver and garnets

Portuguese order of Christ cross. Silver ca 1800 with foiled garnets and paste. Measurements : 70 x 43 mm The order’s origins lie in the […]



“Large” coral heart pendant

Ca 1800 ” large coral pendantwith the original gold loop. Measurements : 25 x 20 mm



1600 silver cross

2Northern European fire gilt silver cross with pearls and rock crystals. Measurements : 56 x 39 mm



Eighteenth century Giardinetti gold brooch with diamonds

Ca 1740 gold and silver brooch set with table cut diamonds.The fittings are later, and its possible that this brooch was a drss ornament or […]



Seventeenth century gold pendant

Late seventeenth century Spanish gold pendant -ca 1680- with rose diamonds. Measurements : 68 mm drop



Diamond fleur de lis

Ca 1810 rose diamon set silver and gold fleur de lis pendant/brooch with a middle section set with square emeralds. Not foiled but “open” backed […]



Enameled gold pansie with diamonds

18 carat enamelled gold brooch in the shape of a yellow pansie with a diamond in the middle. Probably English ca 1890



Pair of gold nuggett cufflinks

Oroginal river penned gold nuggetts made into pair of cufflinks. Weight : 12.2 grams



Seventeenth century emerald and gold pendant

Seventeenth century Spanish gold pendant with emeralds . The engraved back dates the pendant ca 1680.



Seventeenth century pendant

Fine cameo of St Paul in gold frame set with rubies, diamonds. The back is engraved with IHS. “IHS” is sometimes interpreted as meaning Iesus […]



Diamond earrings

Pair of silver and gold earrings set with diamonds.Probably English ca. 1840 Measurements:24 mm in diameter



Carnelian scarab pendant

carved carnelian scarab in the ancient style. Engraved underneath. ca 1880. Measurements:19 x 15 mm


Eighteenth Century Diamond Brooch

Eighteenth century silver and diamond brooch, as a bow and drop. The diamonds are foiled from the back. ca 1760 . 47 mm across and […]


Spanish enameled gold and emeralds pendant

Spanish ca 1660 enameled gold pendant with fine , clear emeralds. Very good condition. Measurements: 49x 30 mm


Antique Pink Topaz Brooch

15 carat gold and pink topaz brooch, English ca. 1820


“Man of Sorrows” pendant

Devotional pendant with painted miniature on vellum, of Christ crowned with the “crown of thorns”, in a red cape holding a palm leaf. Early eighteenth […]


Seventeenth century enamelled gold brooch/pendant

Ca 1640-60 enamelled gold brooch/pendant with a painted miniature of a Lady.The “frame” is set with table cut amethysts. The back of the jewel is […]


Hard stone Cameo brooch

Fine Agate Cameo brooch ca 1880, in a fifteen carat enameled gold setting with diamonds and pearls. Size 48 mm by 35 mm


Cut steel pendant “of love”

Cut steel pendant with painted miniature ,the other side with loops of hair applique and painted hearts, also with hair.The “back ” is decorated with […]


Seventeenth century emeralds and diamonds pendant

Spanish ca 1660 silver and gold pendant with Columbian emeralds set in gold setting and diamonds set in silver.The frame is with a double sided […]


Art Deco diamond brooch

Art Deco , ca 1935 diamond brooch in platinum. Un marked, probably French. Measurements:59 x 30mm


Pair of diamond earrings

Pair of gold earrings , pave set with rose cut diamonds. “Huge show”.ca 1950-60, marked 750. Fitting is a clip and a “fold away ” […]


Gold brooch with diamonds and rubies

French pink gold brooch with diamonds and natural rubies from Burma. Unmarked , 18 ct ca 1955. Measurements: 69 mm x 39 mm


Meroving silver gilt brooch/cloak pin

Meroving silver gilt brooch, with inlaid garnets in the shape of a bird. ca 450 A.D. The back is left silver and has similar brooch […]


Art Deco Jade brooch with diamonds

Ca 1940 jade, diamonds brooch in white gold. The jade is carved as a stylized rose. All nine diamonds are old cut. Diameter of brooch […]


Eighteenth century carved coral

Antique carved coral brooch, Italian c 1780-1800 Grand Tour era. Measurements:6.5 cm


Cameo brooch

Two layered onyx cameo of a Negress “dressed” in diamonds. Probably French ca 1880. The gold frame is 18 carat, unmarked. Measurements : 45 x […]


Byzantine gold pendant with pearls

Ca 700 A.D. gold pendant with tear drop cabochon garnet in the middle.Original attached loop on top.3 natural pearls . The pearls are exceptional quality. […]


Serapis and Caracalla , ancient cloak pin

Silver gilt cloak pin Ca 250 A.D.depicting the Roman Emperor Caracalla and Serapis / Serapis (Σέραπις) or Sarapis (Σάραπις) is a Graeco-Egyptian god. Serapis was […]


Pair of Byzantine gold earrings

Pair of large late Byzantine ca 1300 high carat ear loops. Diameter of ear loop:50 mm weight : 27 grams


Enameled gold and intaglio brooch

Very finely carved eighteenth century “niccolo” intaglio in enameled gold frame. the gold work is ca 1810-2- an probably from Rome. Grand Tour . Measurements: […]


Pair of pearl earrings

Pair of gold and river pearl earrings. Sicily ca 1830-40 The drop has 8 rows of graduated pearls. Vertical measurement of earrings: 85 mm

Pearls basket brooch


Pearls basket brooch

Ca 1890 brooch in 18 ct gold, silver, cut and faceted onyx, and natural pearls. Three of the pearls are replacements. Measurements 39 mm horizontal […]


Pair of Essex crystal cuff links

Pair of antique gold cuff links with Essex crystals, depicting horses heads. “Essex” crystals are cabochon rock crystals, carved in the back into the dome […]


Pair of platinum , diamonds, and coral earrings

Pair of platinum earrings, hallmarked French ca 1940. The domed disc is pave set with old cut diamonds and “channel set with specially cut in […]


Eighteenth century paste brooch

English ca 1780 silver and paste “Jasmine” flower. Probably part of a diadem before. Broach fitting ca 1900 Measurements: 65 mm in diameter


Eighteenth Century Paste Aigrette

English ca 1790 silver and paste aigrette. Th “feathers ” are designed to move…. Vertical measurement: 100 mm


Micro mosaic brooch

An Italian micro mosaic plaque framed by a gold stone edge , ca 1840 set into a 9 ct gold mount . The gold mount […]

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