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1890 platinum and diamonds brooch

Platinum and diamonds brooch ca 1890. Measurements : 57 x 34 mm



Coral bracelet

Carved antique coral bracelet. Italian ca 1830. 18 ct gold clasp. One segment is reinforced with a gold plate from underneath, / done at the […]



Eighteenth century silver, agate and paste buttons

Set of 12 large silver and agate and paste buttons together with eight smaller ones to match. English ca 1770-80. The large buttons measure :39 […]



Rock crystal and gold reliquary

Probably Italian ca 1640-60 heart shaped gold mounted rockcrystal reliquary . The relique is sealed in from the back the hollowed out rockcrystal reliquary and […]

Doge of Venice’s hat brooch with sapphires


Doge of Venice’s hat brooch with sapphires

Small antique gold, sapphires and diamonds brooch in the shape of the Doge of Venice’s hat.The hat was a symbol of the Office of the […]

Morganite and diamond brooch


Morganite and diamond brooch

Silver brooch setr with small rose diamonds and “eight” cuts. In middle in rub over setting is a large natural morganite. Ca 1860 Measurement of […]



Renaissance revival brooch by Louis Wiese

Ca 1880 Renaissance revival gold brooch, signed by Louis Wiese of Paris. Louis Wiese (1852-1923) was the son of Jules Wiese (1818-1890). Before opening his […]



Mosaic gold pendant by Castellani

Antique gold pendant with micro mosaic and chain. Signed by Castellani in the back . The pendant is missing a back which worked on a […]



Pair of cut steel earings

Pair of French cut steel earrings, ca 1800 Measurement of drop:29 mm



Gold mounted blue paste pendant

Foiled and gold mounted blue paste pendant. English ca 1800. Measurements : 60 mm with the counter loop and 52 mm without it.



Eighteenth century Portuguese topaz brooch

Portuguese ca 1760 silver mounted topaz brooch. Measurements: 31 mm in diameter



Pair of carved coral earrings

Pair of carved coral earrings, probably Naples Italy ca 1840.High carat gold support and earwire. Measurement:48 mm drop



Eighteenth Century Portuguese Brooch

Ca 1760 Portuguese silver brooch with foiled citrines.Normally these “large brooches are set with paste but in this instance it is set with citrines. Diameter […]



1930 enamelled platinum brooch with diamonds

Ca 1927-1930 French hallmarked enamelled platinum brooch set with diamonds. Mesurements : 62 x 18 mm



Enamelled gold pendant with diamonds

Enamelled gold and silver pendant. The enamelled angel is sitting on the edge of a diamond set cloud. Probably French ca 1840-60 Mesurements : 37 […]



Gold, foiled pink paste and topaz brooch

English ca 1830 gold brooch set with five “large” foiled pink paste and four round topaz. Measurements of “large” topaz:13 x 9 mm Measurement of […]

Cameo brooch


Cameo brooch

Antique platinum and diamonds brooch with a hard stone cameo of Alexander the Great.Edwardian ca 1900/ The oval central cameo is 24 mm x 18 […]



Pair of gold and shell earrings

Pair of gold and shell earrings.Probably England ca 1830 Measurements : 63 mm from the top of the hoop



Pinchbeck chain

“Large” link pinchbeck chain. ca 1820 England. Length : 39 cm



Gothic revival gold pendant/locket

Probably French ca 1880 gothic revival pendant with a locket in the back. The pendant is enamelled and is decorated with diamonds and rubies. Measuremens: […]



Georgian gold and agate butterfly brooch

“large” gold and specled agate butterfly brooch. Unfortunately this piece is for a jewellery collector only since the left wing is a cracked agate. One […]

Gold and painted ivory devotional pendant


Gold and painted ivory devotional pendant

Early eighteenth century gold filligree devotional pendant with painted ivory.The ivory is carved in highl relief and than painted, and covered under glass. Probably Mexico […]



Early brooch

Silver brooch with enamelled panel showing the Biblical sceene of Suzannah and the elders. The enamelled panel is in a frame of diamonds, rubies and […]

Seventeenth century devotional pendant


Seventeenth century devotional pendant

Portuguese enameled gold pendant, ca 1640. Under glass an enamelled gold scene.Could be Spanish as well. Measurements: 37 x 30 mm / without the top […]

1700 Gold and Enamel slide


1700 Gold and Enamel slide

Late seventeenth century high carat gold slide with enameled plaque English ca 1690-1700



Seventeenth century Memento Mori pendant

English ca 1680 partially gilt silver Memento Mori pendant with pearls. Measurements : 28 x 25 mm



Pair of gold earrings

Pair of gold earrings, English ca 1820. Length of earrings: 61 mm



Ancient bead necklace

Necklace with ancient agate beads mounted in gold necklace. The hight carat gold work is ca 1880.Late “Grand Tour”. Length of necklace : 68 cm



Eighteenth century Topaz brooch

Ca 1770 gold and silver topaz / white and yellow topaz / brooch. Probably Portuguese. Measurements:63 mm accross



Portuguese emerald and diamond pendant

Ca 1730 Portuguese silver pendant set with emeralds and rose diamonds. Mesurements : 50 x 35 mm



Enamelled signed gold locket with diamonds

Enamelled gold locket with enamelled front. The edges are set with diamonds. The locket is with two enamelled portraits of a couple. The back is […]



Carved agate blackamoor pin with diamonds and rubies and turquoises

“Large” antique gol pin with a carved agate blackamoor, wearing a gold turban . The piece is set with turquoise and diamonds and the earrings […]



Georgian Diamond Pendant/ Brooch

English, Georgian ca 1740 -50 silver pendant set with diamonds. The pendant has a later added brooch fitting. Measurements : 32 x 25 mm



Georgian flower brooch with diamonds and emeralds

Ca 1760 silver brooch of a bunch of flowers held together with a bow-tied ribbon, set with diamonds and emeralds. Love gift or love token…The […]



Memento mori gold pendant

Memento mori gold pendant with small skull in the middle. The back of the pendant is engraved with the date and monogram. ” I M […]



Eighteenth century chased suffbox

ca 1760 “cartouche” shaped silver snuff box, marked with the silver standard mark of 13 only. Probably German.Inside with original fire gilding and in very […]



Eighteenth century turban pin

English ca 1780 -90 silver turban pin set with diamonds and rubies. The Moresque style of Renaissance ornament is a European adaptation of the Islamic […]



Iberian gold pendant with diamonds

ca 1680 gold Iberian bow brooch with diamonds



Pair of emerald and diamonds earrings

Pair of cushion shaped emeralds and small rose cut diamonds cluster. Very good untreated Colombian emeralds…Probably England ca 1840-60. Diameter : 9 mm



Gold and coral earrings

Pair of gold and coral earrings, probably English ca 1840-60 Measurements : 50 mm in vertical



Ptolemaic intaglio of Antony and Cleopatra in 1800 stick pin

Grand Tour gold stick pin with an ancient Ptolemaic / Alexandrian / sard intaglio of Antony and Cleopatra. Ca First century A.D. The Grand Tour […]



Portuguese silver and topaz brooch

Ca 1760 Portuguese silver brooch set with fazetted topaz. Measurements :4 mm in diameter



Seventeenth century enamelled gold pendant

Ca 1660 Fench enamelled gold pendant with five amethysts in a cuziform shape. The gold work is enamelled in the front as in the back. […]



Pair of silver gilt earrings

Antique ca 1790 pair of silver gilt earrings with foiled rock crystals and enamel. Measurements : 28 x 25 mm



Large three coloured gold slide

Large three coloured gold slide with wowen hair inside. The yellow gold slide is decorated with red and green colour gold applied and engraved on […]



Pair of “Queen Anne” earrings

Ca 1740-60 silver and cut steel earrings with mother of pearl panels. The fittings have been at some point reinforced. Measurements vertical : 32 mm […]



Pair of early eighteenth century French earrings

Pair of gold mounted ruby earrings, ca 1720-1740 probably French. Measurements horizontal 30 mm vertical 40 mm



Pair of gold mounted garnet earrings

Ca 1810-20 gold mounted garnet earrings set with small rose cut diamonds. Probably Grand Tour earrings with the classical revival theme of an amphora. Measurements […]



1620 enamelled gold jewel

Enamelled gold pendant , depicting the Madonna with crown above with 6 natural pearls hanging .All enamel in original condition and no repair. Probably Spanish […]



Ca 1600 Iberian gold cross

ca 1600 Spanish of Portuguese gold cross with river pearls. Measurements : 60 x 35 mm



Eighteenth century silver pendant with diamonds

Ca 1760 silver pendant set with rose cut diamonds. measurement ;42 mm in drop /vertical../




The wooden mannequin is not for sale, the rest is.



Gold mounted tortoise shell Mano Cornuto

Carved tortoise shell Mano Cornuto with gold mounts. The ring of the figer is with a turquoise. The cornuto has three hanging “bits”, a hat […]



Gold chains

5 gold chains 1/ Long “daisy” chain 18 ct length 147 cm weight : 48.7 gram Sry Lanka 1860 2/ 18 ct hand made chain […]



“Large” seventeenth century gold cross

Antique gold cross with some table cut diamonds and rose cut diamonds, and foiled golden citrines. The back is enamelled. Probably France ca 1680. The […]



Enamelled locket with Islamic seal

Ca 1860 enamelled gold locket with an Islamic eighteenth century carnelian seal. The locket is French , / fully marked / ca 1860, the back […]



18 carat French gold chain

“double length” 18 carat French gold chain, ca.1880 Length ; 162 cm weight; 67 gram



Eighteenth century locket with rubies and diamonds

English ca 1770 silver and gold heart shaped locket with diamonds and rubies. Measurements: 32 x 22 mm



Eighteenth century gold reliquary

Very rare Ca 1740-60 gold reliquary , Philippines from the Spanish colonial period. Measurements:45 mm x 37 mm



Eighteenth century silver and paste brooch.

Ca 1770 silver and paste brooch in the form of a hoho bird. The eye of the bird is a cabochon garnet. Hoho bird or […]

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