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carved ivory figure


Eighteenth century carved ivory figure

Tweet Pin It Carved ivory figure of a mendicant friar, probably German ca 1730. Mendicant orders are religious orders which depend directly on charity for […]



Large table tobacco box

Tweet Pin It Ca 1770 silver mounted shell table tobacco box. The inside of the lid is engraved with monogram. Unmarked, probably Dutch or Belgian….



1740 silver mounted terrapin snuff box

Tweet Pin It Probably english ca 1740 silver mounted terrapin snuff box. Fully silver lined inside with the original fire gilding .



Ancient green chalcedony cameo of Medusa

Tweet Pin It ca 300 A.D. cameo of Medusa, in original gold frame. The mineral is green chalcedony. Measurements:22x 20 mm / without the loop […]



1600 engraved rock crystal cross

Tweet Pin It Probably Italian ca 1600 cross, engraved with the tools of the crucifixion. Measurements: 105 mm x 65 mm



Gold reliquarie

Tweet Pin It 7-8 century gold reliquarie, encompassing a piece of early wood fragment. The back is with an early Greek engraved text. Measurement; 20 […]



Silver pomander

Tweet Pin It “Large” antique silver pomander, unmarked, German or Swiss ca 1690-1700. T has 5 dechable / all unscrews/ parts for the different solid […]



Silver gilt and cold painted statue of Saint

Tweet Pin It Silver figure, not cast but “constructed” from sheet, with the face and hands “cold painted”. Probably German ca 1500-1550. The wooden stand […]



Seventeenth century knife

Tweet Pin It ca 1680 knife with carved ivory mermaid as the handle. The blade has been “reduced” substantially. Dutch. Measurement of handle / ivory […]




Tweet Pin It Eaily nineteeth century amulet, of a /probably a ferret/ jaw and teeth set in silver.



Silver child’s rattle

Tweet Pin It Antique silver childs rattle, hallmarked , Ghent with maker’s mark crowned AJG. The rattle has six bells all marked with the original […]



Ancient Roman amethyst amulet

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman amethyst amulet in the form of a fish. The body of the fish is drilled through to facilitate wearing. These […]



Freemason pocket watch

Tweet Pin It Triangular gilt metal pocketwatch with painted dial. English ca 1900.Working.



“No Servants without their Masters” key to Hyde Park

Tweet Pin It Ca 1840 key to Hyde Park with the engraved inscription ” No Servants without their Masters”. On the reverse side: Hyde Park […]



Silver gilt pendant with enamel

Tweet Pin It “Large” silver gilt pendant with enamel on both side. Probably made for ceremonial processions. Spanish ca 1600. Measurements:12 x 12 cm



1500 crucifix

Tweet Pin It “small” altar crucifix, probably Italian ca 1480-1520 with pink agate and gilt copper mounts, set with table cut garnets and a painted […]



Marine ivory box

Tweet Pin It Antique ca 1760 marine ivory box, probably Russian.The box is pierced and engraved with figures. Measurements: 87 x 50 x 30 mm



Terrapin snuff bottle

Tweet Pin It Small silver mounted terrapin snuff bottle, probably English ca 1720. Measurements:75 x 55 mm



18 cent silver gilt pomander

Tweet Pin It Silver gilt pomander, probably north India,ca 1780.



Fifteenth century ivory Pax

Tweet Pin It ca 1480 ivory pax, French. Measurements: 12.5 cm x 9.5 cm



John Paul Cooper box

Tweet Pin It Circular silver mounted shagreen box with wood as a core. Unmarked but most probably by John Paul Cooper. Cooper studied architectural drawing […]



Agate snuff box

Tweet Pin It Oval antique snuff box in red verigated agate. With silver gilt mounts, probably English ca 1820. Dimentions:9 x 5.5 x 2.3 cm



1730 marine ivory snuff bottle

Tweet Pin It Carved marine ivory / walrus / snuff bottle. Probably English ca 1730. The two sides are carved with drinking scenes. Height: 75 […]



Medieval silver seal

Tweet Pin It Small shield shaped medieval silver seal, English ca 1200 Measurements: 19.4 x 16 mm



Rococo marine ivory and silver snuff box

Tweet Pin It Antique carved walrus tooth rococo snuff box, English ca 1740. The box was retailed by Mrs Howe of Edinburgh and comes with […]



Roman glass cameo

Tweet Pin It Ancient Roman glass cameo ca 200 A.D.



1720 bloodstone salt

Tweet Pin It Antique bloodstone / heliotrope / salt, ca 1700-1720. Probably Italian. The shape is after the salts made in Fayance, and also silver […]



Carved coconut box

Tweet Pin It Antique careved coconut snuff box. the octagonal shape suggest it is ca. 1720-30. Probably Portuguese or Portuguese Colonial. The lid is of […]


Medieval healing stone

Tweet Pin It Large oblong bloodstone with cut grooves. The type of polish would indicate its age as being from late middle ages – 1500. […]


Seventeenth century Mexican casket

Tweet Pin It “Small” casket ca 1660-80, of wood, mother of pearl, whale bone, tortoise shell wiht silver mounts an original lock plate and key.Typical […]


Eighteenth century French gold seal

Tweet Pin It Ca 1760 French armorial gold seal. Measurements: 20 x 15 “height”:30 mm


Early key

Tweet Pin It Ca 1700 probably French steel key. Length 83 mm Good original condition.



Tweet Pin It Boxwood and silver rosary.The silver filligree is with the image of Pascual Ballon 1534-1592 and Pedro de Alcantara / Franciscan saint / […]


Seventeenth century carved steel thimble.

Tweet Pin It “Large ” antique , ca 1660 carved steel thimble, probably for a man. The deep floral carving is very unusual. Probably English. […]


Enamelled Russian” Propaganda ” cigarette case

Tweet Pin It Ca 1918 Moscow cigarette case with an inset enameled picture of Lenin delivering one of speeches to his followers. The enamel is […]


Gold vesta case

Tweet Pin It Antique French gold vesta case in the shape of a shell, set with a cabochon sapphire. ca 1900


French gold vesta

Tweet Pin It Hallmarked French gold vesta case.The sides are chased with swirling flowers. Measurements:42 x 32 mm weight:22 grams


Eighteenth century silver snuff box

Tweet Pin It Eighteenth century silver snuffbox in the shape of a fat mermaid. Hallmarked on the rim with the town mark of Swabish Gmund […]


Painted whale bone pendant

Tweet Pin It Small silver framed and painted whalebone pendant. On one side with the image of the Madonna, and the other with St Francis. […]


Eighteenth century shagreen box

Tweet Pin It Ca 1760 gilt metal and shagreen box in the shape of a travelling trunk.Probably French. Length :92 mm width : 46 mm […]


Silver pomander

Tweet Pin It “Large”circular, pierced and engraved table pomander on three “bun” feet.Probably German ca 1700. Pomanders were in use from the middle ages , […]


Engraved silver perfume bottle

Tweet Pin It Ca 1700 engraved perfume bottle, probably German. Around the end of the seventeenth century small silver articles like perfume bottles , tumbler […]


Enamelled silver pomander

Tweet Pin It “Globular” enameled silver pomander, probably German ca 1700. One side is enameled like a watch face and the other is a stylized […]


Original key to Grosvenor Square

Tweet Pin It Key to Grosvenor Square.Ca 1800….All Central Squares in London encircled a fenced off private garden and the residents of the Square were […]


Coquilla nut snuff bottle

Tweet Pin It A coquilla nut and marine ivory snuff bottle. The head and the head gear suggest that it is of a man from […]


Enamelled gold box with diamonds

Tweet Pin It Antique enameled gold box , with a painted enamel plaque .The plaque is surrounded by a row of small diamonds set in […]


Seventeenth century enamelled pomander

Tweet Pin It Ce 1680 German enamelled silver pomander. The small pear shaped pomander opens up and the two segmented sides are separated by a […]

1800 seal of Royal Hospital Chelsea


1800 seal of Royal Hospital Chelsea

Tweet Pin It Large Ca 1800 glass and gilt metal seal of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Measurements of bezel:35 x 30 mm The story of […]

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