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Eighteenths century Pink topaz ring with diamonds

Late eighteenth century gold ring with pink topaz and diamonds Ring size : N+1/2



Antique 15 ct ring with pearls

Antique gold ring with with small pearls



Certified colour change sapphire ring

Platinum mounted certified natural colour change sapphire ring, the shoulders are set with diamonds



Topaz and diamonds ring

Late eighteenth century gold ring with topaz and diamonds



Sixteenth century cameo ring

Ca 1600 hessonite garnet cameo in early 19 th century gold ring set with pearls



Medieval silver ring

ca 1350-1400 European, probably French medieval silver ring with engraved portrait.



Ancient EYE bead ring

An ancient eye bead in later ca 1820 gold setting. Eye beads were as apotropaic “medicine” or protective amulets against the evil eye. Ring size […]



Ancient intaglio ring

Ancient intaglio in conical banded agate with the “table” engraved with the letters “POY”..? The intaglio is ca 100 A.D. and the high carat gold […]



Ancient Media cameo ring

Ancient Medusa cameo ca 200 A.D. in later hight carat gold setting. Measurements of bezel 15 x 13.5 mm Ring size : T



1790 gold portrait ring

Ca 1790-1800 rose gold portrait ring. The portrait is oil painted. Measurements : 35 x 24 mm Ring size : T+1/2



Glass intaglio in 1860 gold mount

High quality cut glass intaglio in antique ca 1860 gold mount



1770 amethyst Giardinetti ring

Ca 1770-1780 gold ring with amethyst intaglio of a basket of flowers. Ring size : Q+1/2



Ancient Roman intaglio of Mars

Ancient ca 1 st century AD niccolo intaglio ring of Mars in later 22 carat gold ring Ring size : “O” + 1/2



Seventeenth century Gryllus intaglio

Ca 1660 carnelian Gryllus intaglio in late eighteenth century gold ring. Ring size : J



ca 1600 jasper intaglio of Dionysus

Ca 1800 gold ring with a jasper intaglio of Dionysus.



Ca 700 AD migration period gold ring

Migration era gold ring Ca 600 AD. with pyramid shaped garnet



Silver merchants ring

ca 1640 silver merchants ring of a Cooper Bezel : 18 x 13 mm ring size : T



1860 amethyst and diamond ring

Antique gold and silver ring ca 1860 . The bezel is set with an amethyst -foiled- and surrounded with rose cut diamonds. Ring size : […]



Seventeenth century garnet cameo ring of Mary

Ca. 1600 Garnet cameo of the Holy Virgin in a diamond set gold ring. Measurements of the cameo 14 x 10 mm Measurements of bezel […]



Ca 1600 gold POSY ring

Ca 1600 engraved gold posy ring . The engraved ring was enamelled but only a very small part of the ring is still having any […]



Ancient Greek gold ring

Ancient Greek , ca. 400 B.C. gold ring with engraved bezel Measurements : bezel : 14 x 10 mm Ring size : “D” Weight : […]



Pink topaz ring with diamonds

Eighteenth century pink topaz gold ring with diamonds. Ring size : “I”



Hair memorial ring

ca 1810 memorial gold and silver ring, the bezel with lock of hair with a diamond surround. The diamonds are vibrant and clear, largest ca […]



Cameo ring

ca 1700 Italian cameo of young Dionysus in later / ca 1890 / gold setting Measurements of bezel : 24 x 18 ring size : […]



200 B.C. amethyst intaglio of a leopard in later gold ring

Ancient Greek amethyst intaglio of a lion or leopard in later gold ring Ring size : R+1/2 SOLD



1860 diamond and aquamarine ring

Ca 1860 gold and silver ring with an aquamarine in the middle. Measurements : 28 x 18 mm Ring size : O+1/2



Memorial ring 1776

Antique gold ring with white enamelled bad, engraved Ann Fazier died Aug 1776 aged 17 Bezel is with conjoined monogram in braid under crystal. Ring […]



Eighteenth century ring with diamonds

1790-1800 gold and silver ring set with full cut diamonds Ring size : O+1/2



Eighteenth century gold ring with agate and diamonds

Antique ca 1790-1800 gold and silver ring with “picture agate ” and diamond surround. Measurements of bezel : 12.5 11 mm Ring size : K



1700 gold ring with diamonds

1690-1700 Spanish gold ring set with diamonds Measurements of bezel : 15 x 16 mm Ring size : P



Late eighteenth century gold ring with diamonds

Antique gold and silver ring set with rose diamonds. Measurements of bezel : 12 x 8.5 mm Ring size : M +1/2



Eighteenth century amethyst and diamond ring

Antique eighteenth century ca 1780 gold and silver ring with amethyst and diamonds Measurements of bezel : 14.5 x 12.5 mm Ring size : O+1/2



Eighteenth century Giardinetti ring

Ca 1770 gold and silver Giardinetti ring with sapphires, rubies and diamonds Measurements of bezel : 19 x 12.5 mm Ring size : E+1/2



Memorial ring

Memorial gold ring with lock of hair under glass, with amethyst surround. The shank of the ring is with black enamel with engraved text : […]



Giardinetti ring

English ca 1820 Giardinetti ring with enamel, small diamonds, turquoise, garnet and emerald Measurements : 24 x 20 mm bezel Ring size : J+1/2



18 century Giardinetti ring

Eighteenth century Giardinetti ring with emeralds and ruby. The “enamelled” shank is engraved : J’aime la vertu Ring size K1/2



Egyptian revival gold ring signed DELURET

Gold ring in the Egyptian revival style, French ca 1890, signed DELURET



Micromosaic ring

Antique micro mosaic ring



French gold ring

Ca 1840 French gold ring with diamonds Measurement of bezel : 26 x 19 mm Ring size : I+1/2



Medieval silver ring

Medieval ca 1400-1450 engrave silver gilt ring. Normally these “saddle” shaped rings are often engraved with saints and called “iconographic” rings. Ring size : “Q”



Snake ring with sapphire

Two intertwining snakes holding a cabochon sapphire. Probably French ca 1860 Ring size : “N”



Portuguese Chrysolite gold ring

Ca 1780 Portuguese gold chrysolite ring. The ring is a probable conversion from a brooch. Measurements : 39 x 29 mm Ring size : “O”+1/2



1660 gold Posy Ring

Mid seventeenth century gold posy ring with the inside inscription ” Virtue surpasses riches” Ring size : P+1/2 = US 8 Width: 6 mm Weight […]



Byzantine zodiacal gold ring

Ca 400 A.D. gold and iron ring with aa engraved zodiacal scorpion on bezel. Ring size : “L”



Ancient Roman engraved gold ring

Ancient Roman The palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life originating in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world. The […]



Antique gold ring with ruby and diamonds

Antique gold ring with cabochon ruby and diamonds



Ancient Roman cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo ring ca first century B.C.



1900 platinum ring with natural pearls and diamonds

Engraved platinum ring with two natural pearls and diamonds



Ca 1550 intaglio of Titus, in later ring

Renaissance ca 1550 Blue chalcedony intaglio of Emperor Titus in later high carat gold mount



1930 sapphire ring with diamonds

Engraved platinum ring ca 1930 with diamonds and large ca 8 carat cabochon sapphire



Giardinetti ring

Ca 1800 gold and silver giardinetti ring with diamonds and a ruby Ring size : “R”



1800 gold ring with diamonds and emerald

English gold ring ca 1800 with diamonds garnets and emerald. All are closed back and foiled. Ring size : K + 1/2



Moonstone ring with rubies

Ca 1820-30 silver and gold ring with large moonstone and rubies . The rubies are foiled. Size of bezel : 25 x 20 mm Ring […]



Edwardian sapphire ring with diamonds

Edwardian ca 1900 sapphire ring with diamonds Ring size : “O”+1/2



1800 diamond ring with emeralds

Ca 1800 gold ring set with diamonds and emeralds Ring size : K+1/2



Emerald and diamond ring

Ca 1800 gold ring with Colombian emerald in the middle surrounded with small rose cut diamonds. Ring size : N



Edwardian diamond ring

Ca 1900 Edwardian diamond ring with rubies . Ring size : N+1/2



Cameo ring

Ca 1600 agate cameo set in gold ring ca 1800. The cameo is surrounded with turquoise .



Ca 1790 gold ring with enamel

English ca 1790 gold ring with enamel and a bloodstone in middle, with an engraved snake surround. Ring size : Q



Silver goldsmith’s ring

Ca 1780 silver ring with engraved bezel. The bezel is engraved with tools of silversmith’s and goldsmith’s . Ring size : S+1/2

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