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Eighteenth century topaz and diamonds memorial ring

An eighteenth century gold topaz and diamonds memorial ring with enamel. The shaped shank engraved and enameled with ” “Richd Bry.an ob:23 sep:1764 AE 76.” […]


Eighteenth Century Agate Cameo and Gold Ring

Eighteenth Century cameo ring depicting a couple in erotic embrace.The agate cameo and the setting are from the second half of the eighteenth century.The cameo […]


Byzantine Intaglio Ring

Early Christian Byzantine intaglio ca. 500 A.D. of a cross under an arch. The design of the image suggest an origin of eastern Christian community […]


Young Hercules Ancient Intaglio Ring

First century A.D. carnelian intaglio of Young Hercules in later high carat gold setting. Young male in flowing robe with lance or staff with a […]


Eighteenth Century Niccolo intaglio Ring

Large eighteenth century “niccolo” intaglio ring. the engraving represents a scene from the Trojan War: Diomedes sneaking up to steal the Palladium, a statue that […]


Intaglio Ring with Ancient Carnelian

An ancient Roman carnelian intaglio depicting a female profile. The cutting of the intaglio is very fine, the gem is slightly domed, and its size […]


Sixth Century Red Jasper intaglio ring

Red jasper intaglio ca 500 A.D. The intaglio is of a name : NESTOPOS / Nestoros / . From ca 400 A.D. onward names , […]


Roman intaglio of a lion in gold ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of a lion , first century A.D. set in high carat gold. The mount is late Victorian, ca 1880. I need to […]


Eighteenth Century Carnelian Intaglio Ring

Eighteenth century intaglio ring, the carnelian intaglio is depicting a scene not from Greek mythology as it was the most common theme of the era […]


Rare Roman Ring

A very rare high carat Roman finger ring, of the 1st-2nd century with the head of Cupid in high relief. The god of love who […]


Late Sixteenth Century Gold Ring with Carnelian Intaglio

High carat man’s gold ring ca 1580 with original carnelian intaglio of sixteenth century. Size of bezel 14 x 12 mm. Weight 5 grams.


First century Gnostic, Abraxas intaglio ring

Blood stone intaglio of an Abraxas in high carat modern setting. Abraxas is a Deity in the Gnostic faith. In Gnostic cosmology, the 7 letters […]


Seventeenth century sapphire ring with enamel

Mid seventeenth century enameled sapphire ring. Ca 1630-40 England. Black and white enamel , ca 70 percent remaining. Size of bezel: 11 mm x 9 […]


Seventeenth century gold memorial ring

English seventeenth century memorial gold ring.The pierced and engraved gold ring would have encased hair, that is now missing. Ca 1680. Engraving in very good […]


Sixth century Byzantine silver ring

Silver finger ring , Byzantine ca 500 A.D. Size of bezel 11 x 11 mm Ring size : “O” + 1/2 =US”7″ +


Late Fourteenth century gold iconographyc ring

English gold ring ca. 1380 engraved with St Catherine with the wheel and St John carrying a lamb. Rings like this one example is in […]


Ancient Roman Gryllos intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a Gryllos/ Gryllus/ Favored signet-gem device in Ancient Rome , a composite monster made up by joining together various masks […]


Eighteenth century cameo fragment ring

Eighteenth century cameo fragment set in high carat gold. All ca. 1790 Grand Tour. As the eighteenth century tourist waded through the marble fragments of […]


Cameo Ring signed Berini

Late eighteenth century , early nineteenth century cameo ring, the cameo is signed by Antonio Berini. High carat gold ring is contemporary with the cameo.Measurement […]


Antique Medusa Cameo ring

ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in modern gold ring. The cameo is ca. 3rd century A.D. In Greek mythology Medusa (Greek: Μέδουσα (Médousa), “guardian, protectress”) […]


Ancient Roman Intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian and silver intaglio ring. The carnelian intaglio is of an eagle holding a closed laurel wreath. This symbol is often used as […]


Early Medieval carnelian intaglio ring

Carnelian intaglio ca 700-800 A.D. in modern gold setting.The depiction of this eagle is born out of the Roman Imperial eagle where the stance of […]


Fourteenth century silver ring

Medieval silver ring ca. 1350-1400. The circular bezel is mirror engraved so as to be used as a seal. Middle European. Good original condition and […]

££ 1750

Eighteenth century niccolo intaglio ring

Eighteenth century two tone onyx-Niccolo-intaglio of a hippocampus with rider blowing a shell horn./The hippocampus is supposed to be pulling poseidon’s chariot/ The intaglio is […]


Roman Medusa cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo of the head of Medusa. /Gorgoneion./, in nineteenth century gold mount. The nose of Medusa is chipped and “missing” in parts, otherwise […]


Roman intaglio ring of an elephant

An ancient Roman carnelian intaglio depicting an elephant holding a palm leaf. The first century intaglio is set in high carat gold . The setting […]


Eighteenth century intaglio ring of Brutus

An eighteenth century intaglio ring of Brutus. Mount and intaglio is ca 1770, probably Rome during the height of the Grand Tour era. The interest […]


Ancient Roman intaglio ring of a Gryllos

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a Gryllos. Gryllos is a mythical “creature” part animal part human. I have had many grylloses but never really understood […]


Eighteenth century niccolo intaglio ring of Julius Caesar

Large two layered intaglio of Julius Caesar. The gold mount is same age as the intaglio ca. 1760-70. The second half of the eighteenth century […]


Italian micro mosaic and gold ring

Octagonal gold micro mosaic ring of a bird on a branch.Italian ca 1810. Size of the bezel 32×20 mm Ring size:” W” = US”11″


Large nephrite amuletic intaglio ring

Large green nephrite and gold ring. The octagonal intaglio carved stone is carved with various symbols,the sun, the moon, a crab or cancer, the symbol […]


Early Christian Niccolo cameo in gold ring

Ca fourth century A.D. cameo carved niccolo with the letters ICIOC. The only explanation of the cameo is that it is a variation of ICTYS […]


Sixteenth Century cameo Ring of Sea Monsters

Two toned sixteenth century agate cameo carving of two sea monsters, the type normally seen in paintings of the age accompanying Poseidon, god of the […]


Cabochon Sapphire , Diamonds, and Rubies Ring

Large cabochon sapphire , diamonds, and Burma rubies ring, ca 1940 size of the sapphire:19 x 16 mm , height 11 mm Ring size :”P” […]


Eighteenth Century Cameo Ring of Dionysus

High carat rose gold octagonal Roman set cameo ring. The brown jasper cameo of Dionysus is from ca. 1780 and judging the very high quality […]


Rare Ptolemaic Intaglio Ring

Carnelian Ptolemaic intaglio , ca second century B.C. featuring Isis, a canopic jar and Horus all together symbolical of the resurrection, rebirth and the afterlife. […]


Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman green blood stone intaglio of a warrior getting ready for war. A frequent subject in the Republican era and in the first century […]


Roman Intaglio Ring of Harpokrates

Ancient green blood stone intaglio of Harpokrates sitting in a lotus flower that is symbolizing the rebirth of the Nile.The very rare subject of the […]


Ancient Roman Jasper Intaglio in Gold Ring

“Large” ancient Roman red jasper intaglio of a trophy urn with three faces. The intaglio is from ca. 2 nd century A.D. The 18 carat […]


Ancient Carnelian intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio ring of a Satyr and a goat. Interpretations are left for one’s imagination, but one of them is as an amulet […]


Eighteenth Century Carnelian Double Portrait Intaglio Ring

18 carat gold and carnelian intaglio ring, the intaglio is ca 1760 and the gold ring ca. 1830.Ring size “V” , size of bezel 21 […]


Micro Mosaic Gold Ring

Late 18 th century Italian micro mosaic set in 18 ct ring. The ring is ca. 1900. Micro mosaics were popular souvenirs brought back from […]


Enameled Gold Ring with Coral Cameo of Poseidon

Enameled gold ring with coral cameo of Poseidon, God of the Sea and one of the Olympian Deity. 18 carat size “O” =”7″ + 1/2 […]


Seventeenth Century Armorial Gold Ring

European Seventeenth century armorial ring. Ca 1660-80 , probably German. Size of bezel 14 x 9 mm Ring size : “R” = US “9” weight […]


Medieval Gold Ring with Garnet

Gold ring ca 1300 with square cut garnet. Ring size “Q” = US “8” Size of bezel 7 x 7 mm


Byzantine Silver Ring

Byzantine silver ring ca sixth century A.D.


Medieval Gold Ring with Cabochon Garnet

Medieval gold ring ca 1100. The rectangle shaped bezel is set with a cabochon garnet. Ring size “S” =US “9” + 1/4


Ancient Carnelian Intaglio of Socrates in a seventeenth century ring

Oval carnelian intaglio of Socrates , probably modeled after the famous Greek marble bust of the Athenian philosopher now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. […]

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