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Ring with ancient intaglio

An ancient green jasper intaglio of a lobster and a dolphin in high carat gold ring. The intaglio is ca 250 A.D. , the gold ring is later. Measurement of be...



Memorial ring with diamonds set monogram

Dated 1772 ring with diamond set monogram of "MJ" or "MI" or IM or JM. The bezel is with a grey agate ant the monogram is fastened with pins on top. Size "O"



Hercules cameo ring

Ca 1620 -40 three layered cameo of Hercules in gold ring. The ring is 14 carat and ca. 1900 Measurement of bezel:20 x 14.5 mm Ring size:"Q" = US 8+1/4



Antique ca 1830 diamond ring

Diamond cluster ring in gold and silver. ca 1830 with a "large" central stone and ten smaller stones set in surround. The diamonds are in "open back " setting ...



Amethyst gold ring with pearls

Ca 1790-1800 gold ring with large amethyst and seed pearls surround. Measurements of bezel :24 x 19 Ring size : "L"



Portuguese chrysolite gold ring

Ca 1770 antique gold and chrysolite ring. Measurements of bezel : 30 x 19.5 mm ring size : "N" +1/2



Memento Mori Ring

Late seventeenth century Memento Mori gold ring with crystal and enamel. Under the crystal in braid the monogram EB . Ring size : "M"



Ancient Carnelian Intaglio Ring

Ancient intaglio of an athlete showing the attributes of victory in each hand, the laurel wreath and palm branch. Either a gladiator or athlete. High carat r...



1600 large gold ring

Ca 1600 Continenetal gold ring with the monogram of IC The size indicates that it was for a man. Ring size : X +1/2



Ancient intaglio ring

An ancient gold ring with a !"niccolo " intaglio of Dionysus holding out a bunch of grapes. The ring is ca 250 A.D.



Sixteenth century blackamoor cameo ring

ca 1580 -1600 grey agate carving of a blackamoor in an late eighteenth century gold setting. As jewelry, such figures usually appear in antique Venetian (thoug...



Renaissance intaglio ring

Ca 1520-50 carnelian intaglio with a specially prepared "oxidised" surface to show up the carving better. It is an ancient technique that involves honey to be u...



Ancient carnelian intaglio ring

Ancient carnelian intaglio of two fishes and a tiller, symbolising the godess Fortuna.The gold ring is later. Measurements of bezel : 16.5 x 13.5 mm



Eighteenth century gold ring with pink topaz and diamonds

Ca 1780 three coloured gold ring with a foiled pink topaz in the middle and two diamonds on either side ring size : "M" + 1/2



Carnelian armorial ring

Seal carved armorial carnelian ca 1690 set in gold ring ca 1820. measurements of bezel :17 x 14 mm Ring size : "N" = US7



Ancient amethyst intaglio ring

Ancient amethyst intaglio of an orator or philosopher in a modern gold ring. The gem in ca second cent A.D.



Cabochon agate ring with diamonds

Silver and gold ring set with a high cabochon agate with diamonds set surround. Measurement of bezel : 14.5 x 16.5 mm



Ancient Roman gold ring with engraved wolf

Ca 200 A.D. ancient Roman gold ring with an engraved wolf. Measutrement of bezel :9 x 5.5 mm Ring size : "J" = US 5



Ancient Roman Medusa cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in "modern" gold ring. The cameo is ca second century A.D. Measurements of bezel : 19 x 16 mm



Ring with ping topaz and diamonds

Edwardian ca 1900 gold and silver ring set with pink popaz and diamonds.



Amethyst intaglio ring

Ancient Roman amethyst intaglio of a dove above a basket, set in an elaborately decorated gold ring. The mount is 18 carat and most probably French ca 1820 Mea...

Ancient Intaglio of Nike in modern gold setting


Ancient Intaglio of Nike in modern gold setting

Ancient intaglio of Nike , Winged Goddess of Victory. The intaglio is ca. second century A.D. and the setting is ca 1940 in high carat /18/ Ring size:"R" =US ...



Ancient intaglio of Helios in later gold

Agate intaglio of Helios in later gold setting



Late medieval gold ring

English ca 1500 gold ring with a fleur de lis, the shoulders are two hands holding the shank . Ring size :"M" Measurement of bezel :7 mm in diameter



Medieval gold ring with sapphire

Medieval gold ring , English ca 1400. Set in a rub over setting a cabochon saphire. Saphires came from India and therefore were very rare and expensive at the t...



Byzantine gold ring

Byzantine gold ring with engraved and pierced inscription. Constantinople ca 600 A.D.



Portuguese chrysolite ring

Portuguese ca 1770 gold ring with beaded edge set with chrysolites. Measurements of bezel : 38 x 29 mm Ring size : "L" = US 6



Eighteenth century marquise shaped diamond ring

English ca 1770 gold and silver ring set in the middle with a single diamond / weighing over one carat / , surrounded by one row of diamonds and one row of burm...



1600 silver armorial ring

Hungarian ca 1600 engraved armorial silver ring. Measurements of bezel:18 x 13 mm Ringsize :"T"+1/2 = US10



Late Roman gold ring with cab emerald

ca 400 A.D. gold ring with cabochon emerald. Ring size :"H" = US 4

Georgian Diamond Ring


Georgian Diamond Ring

Ca 1790-1800 diamond ring, the diamonds are set in silver, and the " undercarriage" is made of gold.



Cameo ring

Early eighteenth century hard stone "black amore" cameo in late ca 1780 high carat setting. Measurement of bezel;30 mm x 24 mm. Ring size :"W" = US 11+ 1/4



Silver pilgrims ring

Ca 1400 silver gilt ring , a figure of a Saint / Probably St James / with a scallop shell on either side.Probably a pilgrims souvenir ring from Santiago de Comp...

Ancient Greek silver ring


Ancient Greek silver ring

ca.450 B.C.Greek silver ring, engraved with a "mythical" beast. Ring size:"O"=US7+1/2



Late Roman gold ring

Late Roman gold ring ca 300-400 A.D. set with pebble cut chrome crysolite. Ring size : "H" = US "4"



1784 Memorial gold ring

English dated 1784 and inscribed "Mary Hare Ob 6 Dec. Aet 83 " memorial gold ring with hair and a enamelled gold urn under domed glass. Ring size : "L" = US 5+...



Medieval gold ring with emerald

Ca1520 gold ring with "large" emerald. The square "cusped" setting is set with a slightly domed emerald. Probably Spanish. Unfortunately the emerald is damaged...



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio portrait of Marcus Aurelius, second century A.D. in a late Victorian ca 1880 high carat gold setting. Ring size : "O" = US8+...



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a standing figure with a horse in nineteeth century gold setting. The ring is marked 18 ct inside. The intaglio is ca 150-20...



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a seated figure. The gold mount is later. Ring size : "L"



Emerald with diamonds ring

English ca 1790 gold ring with oblong emeraldin the middle with diamonds surround. Ring size : "L" + 1/2 = US "6"



1600 blackamoor niccolo cameo ring

ca 1600 cameo of a blackamoor in later high carat mount. Measurement of bezel :15.5 mm x 12.5 mm Ring size : "L" = US 5+3/4

Antique diamond ring


Antique diamond ring

Antique diamond ring with "large" rose cut in the middle, surrounded by 14 small rose cuts. Shoulder are set with single rose as well. Ring size:K= US5.5



Roman “gryllus” intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring of a gryllus, with three faces.The fine itaglio is from the first century A.D. Measurement of bezel : 19 x 17 mm Ring size : "P...



Ancient Roman engraved silver intaglio ring

Ancient Roman , ca 300 A.D. seal engraved silver intagio of a charioteer, set in later high carat gold. Engraved silver intaglios were popular as an alternat...



Medieval gold ring with ruby

English ca 1400 gold ring with cabochon ruby. Measurement of bezel :6 mm Ring size : "L" = US 6



Fourteenth century gilt silver iconographic ring

English ca 1380 fire gilt and engraved "iconographic" silver ring. The ring is engraved with the image of two Saints. Ring size : "Q" + 1/2 = US 8+1/2



Renaissance gold ring with ruby

Gold ring ca. 1550 probably Italian. Of course it was enamelled but unfortunately there is no trace of it anymore. Ring size : "N" = US 7

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