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Seventeenth century carnelian armorial ring

Ca 1680 seal carved armorial carnelian, in contemporary gold setting. England ca 1680. Measurement of bezel : 15 x 15 mm Ring size : “W”+1/2



Eighteenth century diamond cluster ring

Eighteenth century diamond cluster ring. Diameter of bezel : 11.5 mm Ring size : “L”



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of a bull ca second century A.D.i modern high carat setting. Measurements of bezel : 18.5 x 14.5 mm The religious practices […]



Garnet and diamond ring

Large garnet set in silver with rose diamonds surround. The gallery and shank is high carat gold. Ca 1880 Ring size : “K” +1/2



English 1820 gold ring with diamonds and pearls

English ca 1810 gold ring with full cut diamonds and natural pearls. Ring size : “J” +1/2



Eighteenth Century Diamond Ring

English ca 1780 gold and silver ring set with a “large” rose diamond in the middle with twelf smaller full cut diamonds around. Measurements of […]



Seventeenth century gold posy ring

Seventeenth century gold posy ring. The ring is engraved with the message : ” Love equal ” / miss spelt..! / Width of band : […]



Roman silver ring with agate cameo of Eros

Ca second century Roman silver ring with a carnelian cameo of Eros. All in original condition, Measurements of cameo : 11 x 9 mm



1500 armorial silver ring

English ca 1500-15500 armorial silver ring with a reversed monogram of KB. The large size of the ring suggest it might have been worn on […]



Seventeenth century gold Fede ring

Ca 1660 gold “FEDE” ring. Probably European . Ring size : “T”



1790 enamelled gold ring

Antique gold ring ca 1790 with an enamelled edge supporting a domed glass. Under the dome is the horn of plenty made out of hair […]



Eighteenth century enamelled ring

English ca 1780 gold ring with an enamelled plaque depicting a young maiden with her dog. Could be a gift of love as the message […]



Ancient intaglio ring

Ancient intaglio of Nike in later high carat gold mount. Measurements of bezel : 20 x 15 mm Ring size : “O”



Glass cameo portrait ring

English ca 1780 engraved red gold mounted glass cameo portrait ring of possibly King Gustav Adolfus III of Sweden. Measurement of bezel :31 x 25 […]



14 th century gold ring from Java

22 carat gold ring Java 10-14 th century. Ring size : “N” Weight : 5 gram



1600 gold posy ring

ca 1600 gold posy ring, ” I lyke my choyse ” The narrow band was enamelled but unfortunatelly the enamel is all lost. Width of […]



Early Gold Posy Ring

Antique ca 1720-40 gold posy ring. “I joy in thee joy theou in me ” Makers mark JE in gothic script. Measurements : 4 mm […]



Antique ca 1830 diamond ring

Diamond cluster ring in gold and silver. ca 1830 with a “large” central stone and ten smaller stones set in surround. The diamonds are in […]



Portuguese chrysolite gold ring

Ca 1770 antique gold and chrysolite ring. Measurements of bezel : 30 x 19.5 mm ring size : “N” +1/2



Cabochon agate ring with diamonds

Silver and gold ring set with a high cabochon agate with diamonds set surround. Measurement of bezel : 14.5 x 16.5 mm



Ancient Roman Medusa cameo ring

Ancient Roman cameo of Medusa in “modern” gold ring. The cameo is ca second century A.D. Measurements of bezel : 19 x 16 mm



Portuguese chrysolite ring

Portuguese ca 1770 gold ring with beaded edge set with chrysolites. Measurements of bezel : 38 x 29 mm Ring size : “L” = US […]



Eighteenth century marquise shaped diamond ring

English ca 1770 gold and silver ring set in the middle with a single diamond / weighing over one carat / , surrounded by one […]



Cameo ring

Early eighteenth century hard stone “black amore” cameo in late ca 1780 high carat setting. Measurement of bezel;30 mm x 24 mm. Ring size :”W” […]



Silver pilgrims ring

Ca 1400 silver gilt ring , a figure of a Saint / Probably St James / with a scallop shell on either side.Probably a pilgrims […]



1784 Memorial gold ring

English dated 1784 and inscribed “Mary Hare Ob 6 Dec. Aet 83 ” memorial gold ring with hair and a enamelled gold urn under domed […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio portrait of Marcus Aurelius, second century A.D. in a late Victorian ca 1880 high carat gold setting. Ring size : “O” […]



Emerald with diamonds ring

English ca 1790 gold ring with oblong emeraldin the middle with diamonds surround. Ring size : “L” + 1/2 = US “6”



1600 blackamoor niccolo cameo ring

ca 1600 cameo of a blackamoor in later high carat mount. Measurement of bezel :15.5 mm x 12.5 mm Ring size : “L” = US […]

Antique diamond ring


Antique diamond ring

Antique diamond ring with “large” rose cut in the middle, surrounded by 14 small rose cuts. Shoulder are set with single rose as well. Ring […]



Medieval gold ring with ruby

English ca 1400 gold ring with cabochon ruby. Measurement of bezel :6 mm Ring size : “L” = US 6



Fourteenth century gilt silver iconographic ring

English ca 1380 fire gilt and engraved “iconographic” silver ring. The ring is engraved with the image of two Saints. Ring size : “Q” + […]



Emerald and diamonds ring

Early ninenteenth century silver and gold ring with an emerald in the middle , surrounded with diamonds set into silver. English ca 1820 Measurements of […]



Silver and gold chrysolite ring

Ca 1820 chrysolite ring . The ring shank is gold and the head is silvdr. Set with foiled chrysolites. Measurement of bezel : 29 x […]



Gold and paste ring

Antique ca 1790 gold ring set with paste. Ring size “M” = US 6 + 1/2



Eighteenth Century Chrysolite Ring

Ca 1780 gold ring set with chrysolytes, probably Portuguese. So many of these rings are later conversin from large brooches but this one is an […]



Large Medieval sapphire bead in high carat mount

Large oblong drilled Medieval sapphire bead set in modern high carat setting. Measurements of bezel : 18 x 12 mm Ring size : “P” + […]



Enamelled gold memorial ring 26 july 1726

White enamelled / white enamel denotes innocence…/ gold memorial ring with rock crystal bezel set over hair. Inside with engraving ” C + L obt […]



Cameo ring

Agate hardstone cameo ring. The cameo is of Athena and made at the end of the seventeenth century probably in Italy. The high arat gold […]



1700 Memento Mori ring

English ca 1700 Memento Mori ring with black enamel, the bezel is sert with a fazeted rock crystal .Under the crystal is a “decorative” monogram […]



Seventeenth century posy ring

Seventeenth century posy ring with the posy “A vertouos wife preserveth life ” Width of band 5.2 mm Ring size “N” = US 7



Memento Mori gold ring

Eighteenth century Memento Mori ring, on the outside engraved with flowers and a skull. The inside is wth and engraved message that reads : ” […]



Roman intaglio ring

A good sized ancient Roman chrome chalcedony intaglio of perhaps Ceres / holding a pear and with a wheat sheaf / as a symbol of […]



Eighteenth century portrait ring with diamonds

English ca 1760 portrait ring with diamonds. Measurements of the bezel ; 15 x 13 mm Ring size : “Q” = US 8+1/4



1580 gold ring with sapphire

Very rare probably Italian a 1580 gold ring with cabochon sapphire. Measurement of sapphire :10.1 mm in diameter Ring size : “J” = US “5”



Roman intaglio ring with diamonds

Georgian silver and gold ring, with an ancient carnelian intaglio of Eros. The intaglio is surrounded with small diamonds. The ring is ca 1820.

Medieval silver gilt ring


Medieval silver gilt ring

Fire gilt silver ring, engraved with bead work and diagonal lines to create a pattern. English ca 1500. The inside has been gilt as well. […]



Roman intaglio ring

Carnelian Ancient intaglio of two gazelles in eighteenth century gold setting. The intaglio is second century A.D. the gold setting is ca 1770 Measurement of […]

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