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MIcro mosaic gold pendant

Italian ca 1860 gold mounted micro mosaic pendant



1920 gold brooch with diamonds, onyx, and rock crystal

Ca 1920 gold brooch with Chanel set onyx and diamonds, and sand blast rock crystal. Measurements: 52 mm horizontal



Ca 1600 enamelled gold cross

Ca 1600 gold cross with enamel and three natural pearls. The cross is engraved with the “tools” of the cruzificton. Measurements : 35 x 20 […]



Georgian brooch with rose cut diamonds

English ca 1840 silver and gold brooch set with rose diamonds Measurements 57 x 30 mm



1700 gold ring with diamonds

1690-1700 Spanish gold ring set with diamonds Measurements of bezel : 15 x 16 mm Ring size : P



1800 silver brooch with diamonds

Ca 1790-1800 silver brooch set with rose cut diamonds Measurements :47 x 42 mm



Italian gold comb with pearls

Probably Sicilian gold and islver hair comb with small pearls. Measurements : 11 cm x 11 cm



Seventeenth century Spanish gold cross with table cut diamonds

“Small” gold cross , set with mostly table cut diamonds. Spain ca 1660 Measurements : 39 x 27 mm



Enamelled gold pendant with hair and miniature

English ca 1800 large enamelled gold pendant with beaded hair and painted miniature under glass Measurements : 75 x 60 mm



Platinum brooch with diamonds and natural pearls

Platinum brooch ca 1930 with diamonds and different coloured natural pearls. Measurements : 49 x 49 mm



Pair of micro mosaic earrings

Pair of gold Italian ca 1810 earrings with inlaid micro mosaic. Measurements : 35 mm vertical



Natural pearls bow brooch

Edwardian ca 1900 platinum brooch with natural Pearls and diamonds Measurements : 65 x 30 mm



Small “historismus” brooch

Small antique enamelled gold brooch with rubies and emerald. Probably Italian ca 1860 Measurements : 28 x 18 mm



Seventeenth century Portuguese pendant with emeralds

Late seventeenth century Portuguese gold pendant with table cut emeralds Measurements : 60 mm x 30 mm



Seventeenth century Portuguese pendant

Ca 1660-80 Portuguese gold pendant with diamonds and emeralds Measurements : 64 mm drop



Gold mounted micro mosaic brooch

Very unusual Ca 1860 Italian gold mounted micro mosaic brooch, probably by Castellani. Measurement: 30 mm diameter



1680 Spanish gold cross with diamonds

Ca 1660-70 antique gold cross, Spanish, with rose cut diamonds. Measurements : 60 mm x 35 mm



Micromosaic ring

Ca 1820 antique gold mounted micro mosaic ring



Portuguese demi parure

Ca 1760-70 antique Portuguese silver brooch/pendant and pair of earrings demi parure, set with topaz and rose diamonds in original tooled leather box



Castellani mosaic brooch

Antique gold mosaic brooch . The black mosaic is inlaid with Greek letters spell ion out Light Life. The brooch is signed by Castellani.



Seventeenth century silver reliquary with emeralds and diamonds

Probably Italian ca 1650 silver reliquary set with diamonds and emeralds. The reliquary contains a Saints bone reliquary. The back of the reliquary is beautifully […]



Pair of 1760 silver earrings with diamonds and pearls

Pair of silver and gold earrings ca 1760 probably Portuguese set with rose cut diamonds. each earring has three natural pearls hanging.



Portuguese topaz set

Late eighteenth century silver parur including, necklace, earrings, brooch/pendant, ring. Portuguese ca 1780 in original box



Enamelled pendant by Masriera

Gold locket with pique a jour enamel, and diamonds and sapphires. Dated on the back 1905. Probably by Louis Masriera of Barcelona.



1820 topaz necklace

Ca 1820 gold necklace with yellow topaz and pink topaz and diamonds and emeralds. The original chain is also set with amethysts and rubies and […]



Etruscan revival brooch with ancient intaglios

ca 1870 gold brooch in the Etruscan revival style with genuine antique agate and carnelian intaglios from the first and second centuries. Probably by Giacinto […]



Eighteenth Century Chrysolite pendant

Ca 1760 Portuguese chrysolite and silver pendant. Measurements: 73 x 65 mm



Topaz ring with diamonds

Late eighteenth century gold ring with a large foiled golden topaz, plus four small diamonds on shoulders. English ca 1770. Measurements of topaz :14 x […]




Antique silver and agate pomander. Probably German ca 1700. Measurements : 32 mm



Greek glass bead necklace

Ca 500-400 B.C. Greek glass bead necklace. A very similar bead necklace was sld in Sotheby’s in 1987 where the catalog description read : “Mediterranean […]

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