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Ancient Roman intaglio ring of Athene

Ancient intaglio ca first century A.D. of Athene in later gold mount Ring size : Q



Ancient intaglio of an ant and grain of wheat

Ancient Roman intaglio / Niccolò / of an ant carrying a grain of wheat. The high carat gold mount is later. Measurements of bezel : […]



Diamond ring with rubies

Ca 1860 gold and silver ring set with rubies and diamonds. Measurements of bezel :26 x 14 mm Ring size : “O”



Sixteenth century gold ring with emerald

sixteenth century antique gold ring with a single cabochon emerald



Eighteenth century gold and silver ring with diamonds and emerald

Ca 1740 gold and silver ring. The bezel is set with eight table cut diamonds and the center is set with an emerald. Ring size […]



Garnet cros brooch/pendant

English Ca 1780 cross shaped gold brooch /pendant with foiled flat full cut garnets.



Eighteenth century gold and silver ring with diamonds and sapphire

English ca 1780-90 silver and gold ring . The centre is set with a Ceylon sapphire.



Eighteenth century ring with foiled rock crystal

English ca 1779 silver and gold ring with foiled rock crystals



Eighteenth century gold ring with rubies and diamonds

English ca 1770 heart shaped gold ring with rubies and diamonds



Natural pearl and diamonds bracelet/necklace

Natural pears necklace . The two bracelets can become a necklace via the two silver and gold Georgian diamond set terminals.



Eighteenth century gold and paste snap

English ca 1780 gold snap set with paste.



Italian micro mosaic ring

Navette shaped gold ring set with a micro mosaic panel depicting an ancient amphora. Grand Tour ca 1800



Gold mounted Wedgwood earrings

English ca 1860 gold mounted Wedgwood earrings . Measurements : 55 mm drop



Eighteenth century diamond ring

England ca 1740 silver and gold diamond ring set with rose cut diamonds. The diamonds are in a closed back setting and are foiled.



Seventeenth century emerald cross

Silver and gold seventeenth century cross set with emeralds. Probably Spain ca 1680



Three coloured gold butterfly brooch

Ca 1840 French three coloured gold butterfly brooch with pink topaz, garnets and pearls.



Eighteenth century diamond set dress ornament

Ca 1720 silver dress ornament set with rose diamonds. In modern times it has been joined with a yellow gold back so as to be […]



Mosaic gold brooch

Antique mosaic brooch with 18 carat gold frame . Italian ca 1860



Ruby and diamond ring

Antique gold and silver ring , probably French ca 1820 set with rubies and diamonds



Ancient Roman “key” ring

An ancient Roman gold Childs “key” ring. ca second century A.D. Ring size : B



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring ca 200 A.D. The niccolo intaglio is of Aphrodite holding the head of Adonis Measurements of bezel : 11×9 mm ring […]



1920-es platinum ring with turquoise

Designer platinum ring with turquoise. ring size : “L”



Ancient garnet cameo of Eros in eighteenth century mount

Ancient garnet cameo of Eros set in late eighteenth century ring with diamonds. ring size : “M” + 1/2



Seventeenth century devotional gold pendant

Probably Spanish ca 1660 devotional gold pendant with enamelled edges with painted Saint under rock crystal. Measurements : 32x 27 mm



1720 gold mounted agate box

Engraved gold mounted agate snuff box , England ca 1720-30 Measurements: 33 mm in diameter Height :19 mm



1500 silver plaque with niello

Italian ca 1580-1500 silver plaque with niello decoration. Measurements:38 x 29mm



Eighteenth century gold ring with diamonds and green enamel

French ca 1780 antique gold ring with diamonds and green enamel. Measurements of bezel : 21 x 16 mm



Ca 1600 gold ring with ruby

Antique gold ring with cabochon ruby



Eighteenth century gold ring with diamond and rubies

English ca 1780 gold ring with a “large” oval full cut diamond and two oval full cut rubies on either side. Ring size : K […]



Late medieval silver ring

Probably Venetian ca 1500 silver ring with seal engraved bezel depicting two dancing dragons and four stars. Measurement of bezel : 16 x13.5 mm Ring […]



Sixteenth century turqouise gold ring

Ca 1580-1620 engraved gold ring with ter shaped turqouise .Probably Ottoman Ring size : “H” = US 4

Enamelled Memento Mori ring


Enamelled Memento Mori ring

Ca 1700 black enameled Memento Mori gold ring with a diamond. The inside inscription reads: ” I forrow in silense E+S ” Width of band: […]

Seventeenth century armorial ring


Seventeenth century armorial ring

antique armorial ring with a carnelian seal engraved with a family armorial.The ring is in silver and has been gilt.All in original condition, ca. 1680.Origin: […]



1500 gold ring

Late Medieval gold ring with the inscription: Jesus Nazarenus jude rex. Devotional ring, probably England ca 1480-1500 Ring size : “P” = US 8

Seventeenth century silver ring


Seventeenth century silver ring

English silver ring , ca 1660-80. The octagonal bezel is engraved with a heart and the letters S R B . Since the engraved heart […]



Gold Memento Mori ring

English gold Memento Mori ring, with inside inscription : J Price obt Apr 1707 aet 78 Ring size “L”



Ancient gold ring with intaglio

Ca 350 A.D ancient gold ring with green jasper intaglio of Helios driving the quadriga. Unusually the gem is also carved on the underside with […]



Ancient bronze ring with intaglio

Ancient Roman bronze ring with original intaglio depicting the godess Minerva / one of her attributes was a snake..! / Probably first cent. B.C. Ring […]



Diamonds and rubie ring

“Large” oval gold and silver ring the bezel is set with rose diamonds and in the center with a Burma rubie. Measurement of bezel : […]



Sixteenth century gold ring

Mid sixteenth century gold ring with some of the original enamel remaining.One small part on the shoulder os damaged. English ca 1560.



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of Asclepius carved in grey jasper and set in a high carat / later / mount. The measurement of the intaglio is […]



Victorian diamond ring

“Navette” shaped silver and gold diamonds ring. Ca 1860. Ring size :”J”



1680 gold posy ring

ca 1680 “heavy” gold posy ring, with the engraved sentiment: ” No earthly voyce shall change my choyce” 4 mm in width, Ring size:”K” = […]



Hellenistic gold ring

Ca 200 B.C. “Hellenistic” gold ring. The “large” ring is made up of coiled wire , soldered solid, and chased and repouseed from sheet a […]

Early Gold Posy Ring


Early Gold Posy Ring

Ca 1680 English posy ring. ” In god is my trust ” Width of band:5 mm Ring size: ” L ” = US 6



Antique sapphire ring

Antique ca 1880-1900 gold ring with pearls and a natural untreated sapphire.The shoulders are with 5 small rose cut diamonds. The measurement of the sapphire […]



Roman intaglio ring

First century green blood-stone intaglio, depicting a a wild boar and some “red” poppys. The intaglio is a reference to the death of Adonis. The […]



Ruby and diamonds ring

antique gold ring with Burma rubies and small diamonds. English ca 1820 Ring size :”N”= US6+3/4



Chrysolite gold ring

Antique gold ring with chrysolite. Probably Portuguese ca 1780. Measurement of bezel:36 x 26 mm Ring size :”L” + 1/2 = US 6



Late Roman intaglio ring

Ca 5th century Roman/Byzantine intaglio in later high carat gold setting.These late Roman /early Byzantine gems are much more rare than the second century carvings, […]



1780 Ring with sailing ship

ca 1770-80 gold ring with sailing ship made of hair on vellum under glass. Could have been a sailors good by present…!? Some discolouration where […]



Eighteenth century diamond ring

Late eighteenth century diamond ring with 15 carat gold base , silver bezel with pave set diamonds. The ring is impressive in size.English ca 1780-90. […]



18 cent. pink topaz and diamonds ring

English ca 1760 gold and silver ring with a pink topaz in the middle and diamonds around. Measurement of bezel : 16 x 14 mm […]



Hellenistic intaglio ring.

banded agate intaglio of a rooster. The full image is unknown to me and any help would be appreciated. The gem is ca 100 B.C. […]



Sixteenth century gold ring

Cast gold ring with enamel, and a garnet. Probably Spanish ca 1600. Measurement of bezel: 11.5 mm Ring size : “O” = US 7+ 1/4



Medieval silver ring

Engraved medieval silver ring with an engraved lion on the bezel and engraved cyrillic insription on the side of the ring. Probably from the Balkans […]



Intaglio ring

Late eighteenth century banded agate intaglio ring. The intaglio is with a figure holding a butterfly on a leash, whith a snake in persuit…? Reference […]



Medieval gold and sapphire ring

Cabochon / pebble cut / sapphire, English ca 1300 Size of bazel:11.5 mm Ring size: “M” = US6+1/2



Roman intaglio ring of a rabbit

First century A.D. intaglio of a hare in mid nineteeth century high carat gold ring. The motif of a hare appears on coinage in Sicily […]



Amethyst intaglio ring

“Large” amethyst intaglio ring, with Apollo. The intaglio is probably 1780 and the gold ring is ca 1840 Measurement of bezel: 24 x 18 mm

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